#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: paper dolls, homework and family gnocchi

The arrival of coronavirus forced families to change their routine and stay home. That is why they are looking for a way to entertain themselves in a didactic and fun way.

They are looking for alternatives to take advantage of time. You can also participate in the call for TN and The People and tell us and what are you doing. The idea is to share it on the TN screen so that others get inspired with games and ideas that they can do with their children. Enter here and upload your photos.

Victory it is nurse from the town of 9 de Julio, in the province of Buenos Aires and has to go out to work to take care of all of us. She asks people to stay at her house and in turn her son asks people not to go out and she took a photo with a very special request: “I am the son of a nurse who takes care of you. I need her to take care of me too. #Stay in your house”.

Gustavo quarantine in his house is respected and he said that his great hobby is to do Paper dolls. He downloaded several tutorials and makes them with his own hands.

– Like boys across the country, Leonel He fulfills his obligations and does his homework. And he looks very focused.

– A good idea to spend time at home is Cook. Therefore Constance and his family got down to work and at the kitchen table they made gnocchi among all.

– Eliana does not tell that her grandmother Isabel started a great move in the city of Suardi, in the province of Santa Fe. She called all her friends and neighbors by phone so that Make chinstraps and donate them to the local hospital.

-After doing the homework, and away from the internet, Luca chose the table games to entertain themselves during quarantine at home.

TN and The People.
TN and The People.

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