#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: family dances, virtual birthday and a cat that washes its paws

The arrival of coronavirus forced the Argentines to stay at home and change their routine. With the suspension of classes and the home office Families spend more time together and look for ways to have the best time possible.

They are looking for alternatives to take advantage of time. You can also participate in the call for TN and The People and tell us and what are you doing. The idea is to share it on the TN screen so that others get inspired with games and ideas that they can do with their children. Enter here and upload your photos and videos.

Gaspar she is only five years old and took advantage of the quarantine at home to record a video raising awareness of the measures that she has to take to prevent spread of the coronavirus.

Santino lives in Mar del Plata and today turns 13. As his family could not go to greet him, from Sierra de Los Padres they recorded a funny video wishing him congratulations.

The Greta cat she climbs alone into the bathroom sink, opens the tap and she alone washes her legs.

In the absence of chinstraps a family created a anti-virus mask.

Andrea and his family help the smallest of the family to do the homework.

Daniela’s father is the technical director of a team of volley, and went to the back of the house with her son to practice.

Parents manage to entertain their children at home. Therefore Cecilia, after helping her children to do their homework, she improvised a choreography and the whole family ended up dancing.

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