Women in Technology Córdoba will carry out the first “MeTCaMP” for the design of digital solutions

Women in Technology Córdoba (MeT Cba) is an organization that seeks to increase the participation of women and people of non-binary genres in the technological world, through training and learning activities, within the framework of a collaborative environment.

Under this purpose, between next Saturday May 23 and Monday 25, will carry out the first edition of the “MeTCaMP UX / UI” of Córdoba, which has the support of The voice and in which they expect the presence of more than 200 people, who will do intensive practices with the support of mentors and industry professionals.

This encounter on line “It is oriented to the design of UX / UI solutions for the MeT CBa community, with the aim of generating digital products that allow the community to be consolidated and empowered in virtuality,” reported the institution.

“UX” and “UI” are the initials that designate the experience and interface design activities of the users.

In these three days of intensive training, the plan will be to develop one of the three stages of the methodology (DCU): analysis, design and validation applied to the development of digital solutions, to solve real problems in the community.

“The objective is to train women and people of non-binary genres in basic principles and tools of user-centered design (DCU). We will do it within the framework of a collaborative digital community and making local professionals in the field of UX design visible, in order to inspire vocation ”, they added.


Under the methodology of “user-centered design (DCU)”, each participant will form part of a team that will be guided by mentors throughout the process, with goals and daily deliveries, having content specially curated for the course available and the possibility of having expert advice on the subject.

All sessions, which will run from 9:30 to 18:30, will begin with a video call with a specialist from the area who will guide you in the tools that will be used that day.

In the afternoons there will be another training and there will be a closing with games and exchange of experiences.

In turn, at the end of the event, you can continue working on the projects generated during the MeTCaMP and continue to grow in community.

The speakers and contentists are Adriana Calero (UX / UI Lead at Olapic), Silvia Marquez (Co-founder at Moles, Mentor at Acamica), Victoria Lucero (Systems Analyst at IBM. UX Design Student), Patricia Pino (Visual Designer at Globant), Natalia Bermudez (User Research Expert), Emilia Alegre (UX Writer at Mercado Libre), Elisa Robledo (Digital Account Executive at Mazalán Comunicaciones) and Victoria Fassola (UX Designer).

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