With shouts and shoves, he attacked inspectors who tried to tow his car in Córdoba

A driver starred in a scandal when the municipal tow truck tried to take his car in Córdoba. The traffic inspectors were attacked with shoves and insults. The video began to circulate on social networks and so far the name of the attacker is unknown.

One of the municipal workers who participated in the operation recorded the episode on his cell phone. It all started when the agents tried to tow the vehicle, a white Audi, because it did not have the respective documentation. It was then that the man resisted and he started yelling at the inspectors: “Take that down, your mother’s ***! Don’t touch my car!”

“You threw me out of the car, you fool. Call the police,” asked the owner of the car, who also tried to remove the hooks from the crane. The inspectors relocated them and when they started to lift the vehicle, the driver walked towards them violently, while still yelling at them.

An accompanying woman warned: “You don’t know who you’re messing with, it’s a thick from Buenos Aires “. However, the name of the owner of the vehicle is currently unknown. The scene can be seen in a video that the journalist Leonardo Guevara shared in his account Twitter (@ leoguevara80).

Juan Pablo Arancibia, an agent who participated in the operation, reported in dialogue with ElDoceTV that, finally, the car was removed from the place and transferred to the Movypark warehouse. The man was not arrested.

According to those who worked on the procedure, the owner of the car would be a councilor in Lomas de Zamora, province of Buenos Aires.

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