With a new line of hydroelevators, Axion is going for more exports to the USA.

Two years after starting its process of commercial expansion in the United States, the Cordovan company Axion decided to go one step further in its export presence in the North American country. He did it a few days ago with the presentation in Indianapolis of a new line of hydroelevators manufactured at his plant in San Francisco, with exclusive technical and safety characteristics for that market.

“It is a product with new technical specifications and functional and safety adaptations for the United States market. It is a hydroelevator that allows working at more than 10 meters above sea level with isolation technology to operate with live power (electricity) ”, explained Guido Gaviglio, Axion general coordinator.

The company, created in 2000, exports 40 percent of its production of hydraulic lifts and hydrocranes to Chile, Brazil, Mexico and the Middle East, among other destinations. It has 65 percent of the Latin American market for hydroelevators.

In the case of the United States, with a clientele focused on electric energy service provider companies, the company managed to know how own develop a product tailored to those requirements.

With direct exports for two years, Axion has been installed in the State of Florida with a warehouse, spare parts supply and technical representation to support its dealer network. “Today we already have a presence in seven states, north of Florida,” added Gaviglio.

The new hydroelevator is entirely manufactured in Córdoba and has less than five percent of imported components, which is technology that is not manufactured in the country and that requires, as in the case of some hydraulic components, international standards.

Beyond the global conjuncture, dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis, Gaviglio sees an opportunity to continue growing in the US market. “We consolidate growth that we hope will be sustained,” he said. The sanitary measures imposed in that country to mitigate the advance of the virus have made electricity service a priority over any type of suspension in supply. Because of this, the companies that provide the repair work are incorporating more equipment.

According to Gaviglio, the company has achieved a great ratio in the repurchase of new units by customers. “It is precisely this link that allows us to innovate based on the specific needs that mark us,” he added.


Axion’s relationship with Anglo-Saxons also deepened a few days ago, when it agreed to an alliance with the British construction machinery company JCB, for the Vaca Muerta market. The strategy is to offer companies and contractors operating on the site a comprehensive solution that includes Axion lifts and cranes with the British company’s earthmoving equipment.

Beyond that the current scenario for Vaca Muerta is not the best, “with a price of a barrel of oil below $ 50 the activity slows down,” said Gaviglio, the company’s commitment is in the medium and long term. “When we arrived in Neuquén five years ago, the business was still incipient and we managed to grow to such an extent that we already have a direct presence there,” said the businessman.

In addition to the commercial synergy, the link with the European multinational will allow Cordovan SMEs to strengthen their professionalization process and gain efficiency. JCB is one of the world’s three largest construction equipment manufacturing companies. They are the creators of the backhoe; Currently, one in two of these teams working in the world is from their brand.

Profile: Iron family

Axion integrates the same group with Akron and Micron Fresar.

Founded in 2000, Axion is the third business unit created by brothers Enrique and Alberto Gaviglio in San Francisco. They started in 1972 with Micron Fresar, dedicated to the manufacture of machinery, tools and mechanized assemblies.

In 1998 they joined Akron, with the production and marketing of agricultural and forage machinery.

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