Will there be an agreement on the debt and will the default be avoided ?: this is Luciano Cohan’s opinion

The economist and founding partner of the consulting firm Seido, analyzed the scenario facing the Argentine government regarding the debt issue

The economist Luciano Cohan, founding partner of the consulting firm Seido, predicted that the “Argentina is going to reach an agreement with the bondholders “, because the position of the parts “is not as far away as it seems” and there is “some space” for there to be an understanding.

Cohan has a degree and Master in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires; He was Undersecretary of Macroeconomic Programming of the Ministry of Finance and partner of the Elypsis consultancy.

Cohan, in a report with the agency Télam, said that “our base scenario is that Argentina is going to reach an agreement. It may not be now, or it may not even be an agreement similar to the offer we saw last week, but I think that Argentina is going to avoid default. And this is going to be good news. I don’t know if it will happen in the next few weeks, because I’m not sure if this will happen in May, but I believe that our country is going to escape default. ”

“The position of the parties is not as far away as it seems, and I think there is some room for any agreement,” he added.

Regarding whether the IMF has played a role in the negotiation, the economist told the news agency that “it must be understood that the IMF is just another part of the negotiation because it is a creditor. With which, in this instance of the negotiation, it is their turn to be on the side of Argentina. Then it will be up to them to negotiate with Argentina their own agreement next year or the next, but their role helps the negotiation even from the side of giving a justification to the bondholders to be able to carry out a withdrawal. “

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