Why Melconian criticized Guzmán and said the negotiation failed

The former president of Banco Nación during the administration of Mauricio Macri maintained that now the problem must be resolved by “politics”

Former President of the Banco Nación Carlos Melconian considered today that the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, “failed” in the debt negotiation, so now “politics will take over” to solve that problem.

For the economist, the national official had a proposal illogical“and, for that reason,” he was rejected and failed. “

“Today the policy will take over,” said Melconian, who harshly criticized the head of the economic portfolio amid negotiations with bondholders.

“He went to Columbia to write a ‘paper’ and found that it could not be paid. ‘Good morning. I come with this paper to fix the debt’ and they told him to ‘get out of here’,” the former official questioned.

In this sense, he insisted that Guzmán “wrote a paper that lasts five minutes in reality.”

Minister Guzmán, criticized by Melconian.

“This weekend, the policy is going to take over and see where we are,” he stressed and evaluated that from there “a solution will have to come out.”

Criticism of Guzmán

After Argentina incurred a new default in debt payment on Friday and thereby technically went into default, Melconian analyzed the situation and, by exemplifying with football, indicated that “the other countries that are going to enter into default are the first D “.

“What are you going to say? ‘Mommy, I want to be like that’?” He emphasized in radio statements and asked to “look up.”

Meanwhile, he stated that “fixing the debt is a starting point” in a context in which there is “great probability” of higher inflation in Argentina.

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