Why did you abandon household appliances and go for renewable energy?

Known for its consumer electronics brands like Noblex, Atma, Philco, Siam and Sanyo, six years ago the firm Newsan I know diversified into the food industry, and became the main exporter of fish in Argentina. It also added the export of honey, olive oil and other products from the regional economies.

In 2018, together with the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, launched its business unit of Renewable energy. And recently it incorporated sustainable mobility with the production and marketing of conventional and electric bicycles and skateboards.

“In the framework of the new paradigms of sustainable development, we believe that the company’s mission is to leave the world better than we found it,” said Marcela Cominelli, Manager of Institutional Relations at Newsan.

During the presentation of the Sustainability Report, Cominelli highlighted some of the company’s achievements such as the installation of more than 300 solar panels in rural schools and the launch of the Newsan In program, which allows young people without work experience, LGBT people or those over 45 years old , train in the repair of household appliances.

“With this, a social impact is achieved, on the side of the employability of these people; and environmental due to the extension of the useful life of the products ”, highlighted Cominelli.

“With this program, more than 30 thousand products are recovered and reconditioned to return to the value chain, thus avoiding proliferation of electronic waste“He detailed.

Eco-friendly products

Companies are part of the problem of climate change and can also be part of the solution. “The efficient use and generation of clean energy is our main contribution,” states the Newsan sustainability report.

How? Optimizing production processes in order to produce more, with less and making products energy efficient. The firm manufactures household appliances free of substances harmful to the environment and of low consumption. It also uses recycled materials (based on paper pulp) for packaging.

The group has its own recycling plant.

Further, the group has a plant dedicated to recycling materials. 96% of the inputs are reinserted in the production process, achieving reuse up to three times.

Also in hisgreen offices”The separation and recycling of inputs is promoted.

Winds of change

Evolving and adapting to the context was one of the keys of the Newsan group, which has 5,500 employees in 6 production plants and 2 logistics centers. Along these lines, it added sustainable mobility to its consumer electronics, food and renewable energy businesses.

Under the #InteligentMovement concept, your brand Philco filed last year a rolled line in two versions: one e-Bike for a ride and the other folding, with pedaling assistance and a lithium battery that charges in less than 5 hours.

“One of the reflections that the current coronavirus pandemic brings is to rethink the model of urban transfers, and bicycles and skateboards prove to be an option accessible and sustainable“Cominelli pointed out.

Mobility 4.0 is one of the new cornerstones of the company.

The presentation of the sustainability report, carried out virtually to respect preventive isolation, also had the participation of the specialist Dane smith, an international benchmark in matters of shared value.

Smith, Director of the FSG consultancy, spoke about value creation in the face of pandemic and post-pandemic scenarios.

“As the world faces the crisis of COVID-19, one thing is becoming evident: Companies that understand how the health of their businesses is connected to the health of society are the most likely to prosper.“He concluded.

Date published: May 15, 2020

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