Wholesale merchants protest in Córdoba: they demand that they be allowed to attend

A group of wholesale merchants from the city of Córdoba held a protest in the microcenter, waiting for activities to become more flexible and allow them to sell.

“We are here owners of premises in the wholesale area. We have not been open for more than a month and we are affected. Our clients have the premises closed and this affects us,” said one of those consulted by The voice.

Since the quarantine was implemented, the shops in the center of the Cordovan Capital have not been able to open. “We are looking for a relaxation to be able to work, with protocol, we need to sell, because we have expenses the same as everyone beyond rent, taxes and services,” added another merchant.

In short, they ask for a more flexible activity and the creation of a security protocol that allows them to serve their clients.

The protest took place mid-morning in the Plaza de la Inmaculada, in the quintessential wholesale area of ​​Córdoba, on Buenos Aires street, one block from Plaza San Martín.

Written by Argentina News

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