Who was Carl Vaernet, the Nazi scientist with whom they link the former Argentine minister Ramón Carrillo

Given the possibility that the image of the former Minister of Health Ramon Carrillo appear in the $ 5,000 bill, the Israeli ambassador to Argentina and the Wiesenthal Center expressed fierce opposition. It is that, as they argued, the former official of Juan Domingo Perón was “sympathetic” to Nazi ideology.

Although the idea was rejected by the Executive, it raised the question of the link between Carrillo and Carl Vaernet, a Danish SS officer who experimented with homosexuals in the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, and who had been his adviser since 1947.

In dialogue with Just one more turn, the Uki Goñi, a journalist and writer who investigated the arrival of Nazi criminals in Argentina during the Perón government, gave details of the crimes committed by Vaernet and his relationship with the former minister.

“It is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone. There are reasons to question Carrillo, and the fact that he had a nazi working with him. But the Wiesenthal Center was wrong to go out and attack him personally and say he was a Nazi sympathizer or that a photo had been taken with Hitler, for which there would be no basis, “he began.

On the Vaernet record, he said: “We are talking about one of the worst Nazi criminals who came to Argentina. An official Danish SS doctor who it occurred to him in his madness that he had found a cure for homosexuality “.

According to Goñi’s investigations, while in Germany Vaernet contacted Himmler, the SS leader, and they signed a contract. “Himmler funded his research and provided him with homosexuals to experiment on. In return, the SS were to receive part of the royalties from the invention patent, which they assumed was going to be a commercial success, “he said.

“(Carl) Vaernet went to the concentration camp in Buchenwald, where there was a group of homosexuals, to experiment on them. His invention was to castrate some and implanted an artificial gland in their groin that gave off testosterone, and he assumed that with this they would “cure” their homosexuality. The implant was called ‘fiery rocks’ because of the painful procedure. “, he claimed.

Finally, the journalist said that when he arrived in Argentina in 1947, the scientist signed a five-year contract with Carrillo, who at that time was Health Secretary, to act as your advisor on “topics of your expertise”.

“How can I know if Carrillo was up to date? There you are on very slippery ground. I cannot know if they talked about this issue”he expressed. However, he claimed that in 1948 the former official signed a resolution that brought him even closer to the Nazi officer. “He said that in order to have direct and permanent access to the subjects of Vaernet’s specialization, he placed him under his direct orders,” he assured.

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