which sectors can operate again next week

Among the keys to the fate of the coming economy, undoubtedly is the decision made by the Government on the relaxation of the quarantine

Among the keys that will determine the fate of the coming economy, will undoubtedly be the decision taken by the Government – together with the health experts – on the flexibility of the quarantine.

Those experts have already anticipated that this softening must be very gradual. Carla Vizzotti, Secretary for Access to Health, agreed: “We are planning a gradual, gradual and careful exit,” he said.

There is a reality: there is strong pressure from companies and businesses to leave the activity paralysis behind as soon as possible.

The same is true, in another sense, with banks. There is a need, not only on the part of companies, but also on the rest of society, for financial institutions to reopen the doors of their branches. That reality was exposed in the worst way last Friday.

Among the officials of the Treasury Palace they admit that the decision will be very delicate. They have at hand a list of activities that, being labor intensive, would be a priority. Some of these items have already been enabled, such as mining. Others await the determination of the Casa Rosada.

As you could know iProfessional, on the payroll -which was already put on the table during the meeting between Matías Kulfas and Eduardo Acevedo, head of the Argentine Industrial Union, just before the weekend, the following sectors appear:

  • Auto parts sector.
  • Banks.
  • Metallurgy
  • Car dealers.
  • Pipes for the oil industry.
  • Supplies for public works (the products that the corralones sell have already been released)

The calculation they make at the UIA indicates that around 20% of the industry is operating. The idea that Acevedo brought to the President is in line with the fact that capital intensive activities could operate with a protocol and minimum endowments.

Instead, in principle, luck would not be on the side of trade. It is one of the sectors most hurt by the quarantine, but where there are more doubts about the viability in the midst of a pandemic.

The main recommendation of the sanitarians refers to the avoidance of crowds, something that usually happens in some shops.

Lor the same as in public transport, something that seems inevitable if the flexibility includes the commercial sector.

Different is the case of those less populous areas, especially in the interior districts. Flexibility would be easier there. It would imply taking fewer risks than in the City of Buenos Aires or in the suburbs, which even implies that millions of citizens move on trains and subways.

During the week, Alberto F. will summon Olivos to the economic team and the business sector to continue analyzing what is coming: a reopening as careful, given the health conditionality, as it is opportune in economic terms.

What are the new activities since they have been quarantined

This is the list of sectors that, by decree, the Government authorized to return to work, last Friday.

– Sale of supplies and construction materials provided by corralones

– Activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of forestry and mining

– Tanneries, sawmills and wood products factories, mattress factories and road and agricultural machinery factories

– Activities related to foreign trade: exports of ready-made products and essential imports for the functioning of the economy

– Exploration, prospecting, production, transformation and marketing of nuclear fuel

– Essential maintenance and fumigation services

– Mutual and credit cooperatives, through minimum attention guards, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the operation of the credit and / or payment system

– Registration, identification and documentation of people.

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