When is the City waiting for the peak of coronavirus infections?

The Buenos Aires Health Minister, Fernán Quirós, did not rule out returning to strict quarantine if the number continues to increase or protocols are not followed.

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires expects up to 1000 positive cases of coronavirus per day when the peak of infections arrives, which they hope for “the end of May or the beginning of June,” according to the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós.

“We have an estimate in the City, that at the worst moment we will have close to 800 to 1000 cases per day and we are still far from that reality, “said Quirós this Thursday.

Speaking to CNN radio, the official insisted that inevitable reaching a peak of contagion in the metropolitan region (AMBA) and assured that when that time comes the strict quarantine will return.

“Since we know that the curve ahead is going to increase, or when we see a level of misbehavior, we are going to retrace the steps we take“he emphasized.

The AMBA is the area most affected by the coronavirus, with almost 70% of the cases in the country, and it is the towns and settlements where infections have been most triggered.

Door to door search

“We are looking door-to-door for people who could potentially have the disease. We have made the decision to change the case definition for highly contagious places,” said the minister.

Since the launch of the Detect Plan and with the increase in cases in neighborhoods such as Villa 31 de Retiro, it was decided to swab all the close contacts of the sick, even if you hardly have a cough.

But Quirós warned that “you have to be careful” with the time when swabs are performed, since doing it in advance, for example in the first days of incubation of the virus in which the patient has no symptoms, the test could give negative.

“Any person who is living with or in contact with the patient you have to find the minimum symptom to test. You have to be careful with early swabs because once you test negative, you stay calm and it can be a false calm, “he explained.

The Buenosairean government could go back with the flexibility

The Buenosairean government could go back with the flexibility

Peak start?

In just one week, Argentina went from having 5,371 infected with coronavirus from the start of the outbreak to 6,879, according to the figures in the last morning report on Thursday, May 14, released daily by the National Ministry of Health. Given these records, doubt began to arise as to whether the country may be heading toward the peak of cases.

Of the deceased, one is an inhabitant of the Villa 31, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro. According to official data, in a single day 132 new infections were registered in the popular neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires and the number of deaths rose to nine.

The infectologist and adviser to the president, Tomás Orduna, admitted that it may be the beginning of the peak of the disease.

Orduna thus referred to the increase in infections and deaths from Covid-19: “We are finding a new floor of new cases, this is at the expense of the City”, adding: “We knew that this increase in cases was going to occur at some point “

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