what is the PRICE on Monday, March 9, 2020

The dollar with the 30% surcharge is offered at $ 84.12. See what the price of the blue dollar is today and how the dollar is traded and the cash settlement

The tourist dollar traded on Friday, March 6 at $ 84.12, making it the most expensive of all exchange rates at the beginning of the first round of the month.

The price of the currency arises from the surcharge of 30% of the country tax to the value of $ 64.71 of the retail dollar that arises from the usual average realized Central Bank.

Meanwhile, in the parallel market, the price of the blue dollar was located at $ 74.90 for the purchase and around $ 78.50 for sale in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, in the rest of the segments, the currency reacts with disparity in all its segments.

In this context, the wholesale dollar is offered at $ 62.53 and is the segment that rises the most so far this year, always under the strict supervision of the Central Bank, which is the main foreign exchange provider.

In turn, stock prices operated with small increases: the dollar counted with liqui (CCL) is offered at $ 83.22, while the MEP dollar is traded at $ 80.32.

These are two tools that some savers use to avoid the $ 200 exchange rate imposed by the government of Maurico Macri and maintained by Alberto Fernández.

So the marginal market with the blue dollar at $ 78.50 is, for now, the best price option to buy foreign currency avoiding the exchange rate.

In the Buenos Aires City, the average price of the dollar is around $ 64.71, according to the usual survey Professional among the main entities that operate in it. The detail by entity is as follows:

– Galicia: $ 64.50

– Nation: $ 64

– ICBC: $ 65.20

– BBVA: $ 65.50

– Supervielle: $ 64.75

– Santander: $ 65.25

– Balance: $ 62.90

Meanwhile, in the caves of the Buenos Aires downtown, blue was sold, unchanged, for around 78.50 pesos.

In the Rofex futures market, contracts that are traded due at the end of June are closed at $ 53.45 per lot.

On the other hand, the country risk experienced a strong shot on Monday and stood at 2,788 basis points, the maximum value since 2005.

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