what is the PRICE of the officer, BLUE and TOURIST

At the start of the round, the official dollar trades on average at $ 65.02 for sale, so the value of the tourist dollar stands at $ 84.53 pesos

After a day where the dollar shot up in all its segments, the exchange market remains stable in the last round of the week.

In this context, the official dollar trades on average at $ 60.02 for purchase and $ 65.02 for sale, so the value of the tourist dollar stands at $ 84.53 pesos.

The tourist dollar has a price of 30% additional to the value of the official dollar and includes all operations carried out by credit card and in foreign currency. This tax is applicable to the purchase of tickets abroad, dollars for hoarding and travel, purchases of products and services in foreign currency.

For its part, the price of the blue dollar remained below the estimated value for the tourist dollar, since in the caves of the Buenos Aires downtown it is offered at $ 79 for purchase and $ 83 for sale.

In the wholesale market, the US currency was offered at $ 62.83, always under the watchful eye of the Central Bank.

In turn, the stock prices traded with increases: the dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) is offered at $ 89.04, while the MEP dollar traded at $ 87.48.

In the city of Buenos Aires the average price of the dollar is around $ 65.02, according to the usual survey carried out by the Central Bank among the main entities that operate in it. The breakdown by entity is as follows:

– Galicia: $ 65

– Nation: $ 64.50

– ICBC: $ 65.70

– BBVA: $ 65.84

– Supervielle: $ 65.05

– Santander: $ 65.23

– Balance: $ 63.50

For its part, the blue dollar is located around $ 83 in caves in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires.

In the Rofex futures market, the contracts that are negotiated with expiration at the end of June close at $ 44.70 per lot.

On the other hand, the country risk for Argentina, which shot up sharply on Thursday, and stands at 3,146 points.

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