What is the advice for each sign that will help you this Thursday, September 22?

The angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank or to light your way.


Archangel Yejoel

You need clarity in your mind to make decisions and manage to move your family forward so that harmony and peace of mind come. Ask Yejoel to enlighten you when you feel overwhelmed and can’t move forward.


Archangel Jariel

Let purity, love and generosity enter your heart. Don’t let hate and resentment win this battle. The guardian angel Sariel is here to light your way.


Archangel Ophaniel

There are times when you say things that you later regret, but do not feel that because of that you are going to lose the love of that special being. The angel Ofaniel is there to accompany you to amend and heal the heart.


Archangel Amiel

Changes are coming to your life that will help you move forward on the path to success, but you have to fill yourself with patience and humility because it will not be an easy road. Invoke Amiel to give you the wisdom to continue.


Archangel Raguel

You have a great responsibility on your shoulders and you will have the willpower and the integrity to carry it forward. Just invoke the angel Raguel to illuminate you with his divine light.


Archangel Kaphael

You feel trapped in pain, fear and despair. You have to draw strength from anywhere to lift your spirits and move forward. Caphael is a powerful angel who will help you out of the darkness where you are.


Archangel Raphael

Don’t be afraid if you have to say something to settle the differences. Speaking the truth will free you from that burden so strong that it does not allow you to move forward. Your guardian angel Rafael is here to heal the heart of sadness.


Archangel Phanuel

You need peace of mind to be able to reflect on the mistakes made and that have caused your family to be in conflict. You have the leadership to resolve, make the decisions that the angel Fanuel will be there to give you wisdom.


Archangel Michael

The word is your weapon to silence anyone who dared to judge you for your decisions. Do not be filled with rancor, wish for love and be generous. The angel Michael with his mighty sword protects you.


Archangel Nathaniel

You feel that loneliness is consuming you and that you no longer have the energy to continue fighting. Willpower and firmness you must have to move forward with a positive attitude towards the solution. Nathaniel is the angel who illuminates you with his divine light.


Archangel Orion

The fact that you have to create abundance to live, It does not mean that your work defines your life purpose which is to remember that you are an essence of love. Ask the angel Orion for the wisdom and light you need to fill your heart with generosity and humility.


Archangel Samahel

You have to listen to your intuition and seek the path of love, humility and not lose hope to resolve that which does not let you move forward. Invoke Samahel who can do everything and illuminates you with his light.

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What is the advice for each sign that will help you this Thursday, September 22?

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