what Fernández asked the world leaders

The objective of the videoconference was to analyze the effects of covid-19 globally and to discuss coordinated strategies to face the pandemic

President Alberto Fernández called on the G20 leaders to sign a “great global solidarity pact” and, at that level, to create a World Humanitarian Emergency Fund in order to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic, on the principle that “no one saves himself”.

“The urgency that marks the deaths forces us to create a Global Humanitarian Emergency Fund that serves to face, better equipped with supplies, the context in which we live”, Fernández said when speaking this morning to the main world leaders, through a videoconference in which he participated from the Olivos residence.

In addition, the President celebrated that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank “warn of the decline of the present” and “recognize the unsustainability of the debts that we bear in the most neglected countries.”

The Argentine head of state was part of an unprecedented extraordinary G20 summit -carried out by videoconference- called by King l Salmán of Saudi Arabia, who heads the government ‘troika’, to analyze measures against the pandemic, which has a third of the planet in isolation and that has already caused more than 500 thousand cases and more than 21 thousand deaths.

The objective of the summit was to analyze the effects of Covid-19 globally and to discuss coordinated strategies to deal with the pandemic and its impact., reported official sources.

When opening the deliberations, the Argentine President remarked before the plenary of leaders that “the urgency that marks the deaths forces us to create a World Humanitarian Emergency Fund that serves to face, better equipped with supplies, the context that we live in.”

“We face,” he warned, “the dilemma of preserving the economy or the health of our people. We do not hesitate to fully protect the lives of our own,” he said, insisting on his position of prioritizing the health of the population over the economic effects. of the pandemic.

Further, Alberto Fernández pointed out that “the time of the greedy has come to an end” And, in that direction, he pointed out that “as Pope Francis teaches, we have to open our eyes and our hearts to act with a new sensitivity.”

During his speech, the president was accompanied in Olivos by the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero; the ministers of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship, Felipe Solá; and Economy, Martín Guzmán; and the Secretaries General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello and Strategic Affairs Gustavo Béliz.

In the first section of his speech, the head of state said that the G20 convocation comes “at a unique moment in history that requires us to act bravely” and suggested “we should not be paralyzed or afraid” and stated that “much less can we resign ourselves “

“We have to give a creative response in this present that has touched us in luck. There is no place for demagogues or improvisations. We face the false dilemma of preserving the economy or the health of our people. We understand the economy but we do not hesitate to protect comprehensively the life of ours “, insisted Fernández.

In this regard, he said that “with that conviction, we have made decisions in Argentina based on the best scientific evidence available and we will continue to do so” and called for “everyone to share our human vision” in the face of the crisis.

“I am convinced that we will not be effective if we do not accept that the world has changed forever. Being able to overcome this crisis and face the world that is being born, requires us to design and sign a great pact of global solidarity “he asserted.

At the same time, Fernández diagnosed that “nothing will be the same after this tragedy” so he proposed “act together, right now, because it has been seen that no one is saved alone” and evaluated that these “decisions cannot be left to logic of the market, nor preserved to the wealth of individuals or nations. “

“It is time to take advantage of this unique moment to create economic solutions as extraordinary as the social problems we are experiencing are extraordinary,” said the head of state, praising that “the IMF and the World Bank warn of the decline of the present.”

“I am pleased that they recognize the unsustainability of the debts that we bear the most neglected countries. We must challenge this present with the same courage that this G-20 had, when it assumed the damage caused by tax havens, by voracious indebtedness and by the concentration of wealth, “he added.

Yesterday, the World Bank announced a support of 300 million dollars for Argentina, for social assistance amidst the fight against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, said this week that, to achieve sustainability, the country needs to reduce external debt payments during the next decade by between US $ 55,000 and 85,000 million, based on the data. surveyed by the technical team of the organization, in the last visit to the country.

In his message today, Fernández also said that “the secret of the future lies in designing policies that safeguard employment, production and the best living conditions, using all economic tools to provide global liquidity.”

“As never before, our human condition demands solidarity from us. We cannot be passive in the face of sanctions that suppose economic blockades that only suffocate peoples in the midst of this humanitarian crisis,” said Fernández, at the same time that he stated that “without messianism or We should start a time of global dialogue that contains everyone. “

“In this way, humanity will overcome this pandemic. But what it will also achieve is to end the vice of social exclusion, environmental predation and the greed of speculation,” Fernández concluded in his presentation.

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