What does the dog cry

Listening to the cry of our dog, many times we are moved and sometimes it alters us and we silence him. However, this demonstration has several reasons for being that we should attend.

There are precise situations in which the animal can express its anguish, fear, pain or anxiety through this resource that is characterized by repetitive moans and long barks. It is your way of communicating that something is happening to you.

The dogs are extremely sociable and really enjoy the company. From the moment they are born, and in the time they remain with their mother and siblings, they feel protected by this environment of first contact with the world. Then, his family becomes the one who adopts him.

A puppy newcomer home, she may start crying because she is still in the process of adjusting to her new family and misses her mother. For this reason, it is necessary that those who receive it are willing to build that bond in which the understanding.

“What you are experiencing is stress and we would have it too if the same thing happened to us. Be tolerant: this behavior is very common and requires our patience and affection “, argue from the Affinity Foundation.

Do you leave your house and hear the dog cry? This situation conditions your mood, since it generates anxiety to be alone. This, according to specialists, happens when there is no has worked very well the detachment early of the animal when it is a cub.

If the dog feels stressed it can even break things in the house /) Photo: James Homans / Unsplash)

These lonely moments can stress you out, and in addition to crying through repeated barking, it is even possible that they cause some material “disaster” in the house. Thus, the owner will not only have problems with the consortium due to annoying noises, but will also have to face material breakages. In these cases, vets recommend a dog reeducation so that he learns to feel safe every time he stays at home waiting for the family’s return.

How can you tell us the pet you need satisfy a basic need? He will cry. Maybe you want food, you want to relieve yourself, or you just need to get some fresh air and go for a walk.

You may feel distressed, frustrated, or have some discomfort (Photo: Ryan Walton / Unsplash)
You may feel distressed, frustrated, or have some discomfort (Photo: Ryan Walton / Unsplash)

We must be attentive to demonstrations that have to do with more urgent issues such as some organic discomfort, that if it is not attended to in time it can worsen.

Finally, veterinarians point out as another reason for crying the animal’s boredom or frustration when they think they are not receiving the necessary care. Perhaps he has not learned to socialize as a puppy or is insecure, aspects that will stress him in the presence of other dogs or the public, so at this point reeducation is also necessary to give you a better quality of life.

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