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Gastronomic venues were hardest hit by the quarantine and hope that the delivery platforms will allow it to stay afloat

The runners gastronomic from the city of Buenos Aires were the first witnesses this week of the lowest influx of workers in the offices, with reduction sales of up to 80%.

But the picture promises to be even starker before the total isolation that governs from this Friday and allows the activity only of the commerce “essential“that is, the items food, fuel or health services. .

“There is a consensus among the actors participating in the activity of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy that the payroll salary this month should cover up with some kind of credit. Hence the meetings that we are promoting in general, “indicates Camilo Suárez, president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Tourism, to graph the strong hit from the pandemic to the sector.

The supermarkets, meanwhile, they register the phenomenon opposite. Large chains have their shipping services collapsed and evaluate measurements in their branches for this weekend, in which they expect a record of assistance.

In fact, the demand for basic necessities in recent days was such that its online branches were crowded and its home delivery systems collapsed.

For their part, delivery apps They could be the big beneficiaries this weekend. They estimate that their distributors will be able to continue moving products, with some limitations, and to be a “tool” to facilitate the Argentines to comply with total isolation.

Restaurants in check

According to Suárez, as well as the activity in the restaurants was reduced to 80% in the City of Buenos Aires, in the hotel sector it was reduced almost entirely.

“We are with an occupation of 8%, we have about five rooms, “they lament from an important hotel in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires that will also close its restaurant to the public this weekend.

The same panorama is repeated in gastronomic places. Sources in the sector affirm that “there was a complete standstill in the restaurants and event venues of Puerto Madero, just at a time of high demand for weddings and corporate meetings.”

In the case of chains of restaurants, which have wider backs to navigate the coronavirus crisis, the decision is not gray: they will go down the blinds, beyond that the decree of necessity and urgency exempts the premises provided they only carry out home deliveries.

“The local is closed by disinfection and we will not open until further notice. Nor for delivery “, they warn iProUP from one of the Kentucky pizza places, which has numerous branches in Capital Federal and Conurbano.

In the same vein, the owner of a Palermo-based hamburger network locked the doors of its branches the same Thursday, before the official decision. “I closed everything, disinfected and took inventory. I will open When everything happens, what I calculate it will be in may“, trust iProUP.

However, the situation of the smaller restaurants, which have, at most, two or three stores, is very different. “We will not accept diners, but yes take away (withdrawal by counter) and delivery apps, which represents us the 35% of business“, they trust from a hamburger joint with three stores to the street.

Full delivery

The delivery applications are prepared for a weekend in which they will be more requested than ever, after experiencing growth in the last days 25% in supermarket sales and up to 50% in pharmacy products.

“Our intention is guarantee supply of essential items for people in home isolation, “reveal one of the companies, which preferred the off-the-record.

“Yes, there will be delivery for restaurants. We will launch a series of measures at the regional level to collaborate with the situation, “remarks one of its competitors, who also preferred to avoid being named due to the controversy over the sector after the government’s decision to advance in the” laundering “of the distributors.

As you could know iProUP, the applications will be Available 100%. “We will work as always. It will depend on the businesses that want to sell and the delivery people that want to circulate,” they indicate from one of the companies.

Beyond the measure ordered by the Government, from the sector they argue: “Our cyclists transport foods, articles of pharmacy, and household cleaning and personal hygiene products. There should be no problems, they are all from First need

Although the decree of necessity and urgency signed by President Alberto Fernández does not mention platform personnel, it does except among the prohibited activities the “distribution at home of foods, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning products and other essential supplies “.

In keeping with the measure, the applications analyze to limit the number of items they carry in their backpacks. It is taken for granted that the option to transport “whatever is” will be disabled or the delivery man will decide whether or not you place the order.

Could also restrain the possibility of buying in some stores, such as toys and of alcoholic drinks. Or, as in the previous case, it will be subject to the criteria of the rider.

“We are evaluating the possibility that the shipments are free to help pass this moment better,” they underline from one of the firms, in which they expect growth of at least double orders.

From AplicacionesYa, they report that they are “in constant communication with our partners, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and shops in general, as well as with the distributors, to ensure compliance with the best hygiene and safety practices.”

In this sense, the applications activated a protocol for reduce the direct contact between the person in charge of the restaurant and the delivery person, and between the latter and the final consumer.

Although the IT staff of the platforms work against the clock in which this option is available within the application interface (as a button), for the moment, cyclists will notify users via chat once the package is located at the door of the home and thus respect a prudent distance.

In addition, companies are promoting payment with card at the time the order is placed in the app, in order to avoid contact between both people due to the circulation of cash.


Delivery platforms became strong allies of the supermarkets. Especially in the last days, in which the systems of Shipping own establishments saw collapsed.

On Thursday there were long rows in the door of several of the busiest branches, since a limit was set for the number of customers according to the surface of each location. The same scenario was recorded before closing hours in pharmacies, opticians, clothing stores and even petshops.

There will be no more promotions discount on the second unit, but there will be discounts with banks“They stand out from Coto, which has already activated a protocol for the minimum distances between customers, a measure that was imitated by other chains.

Due to the increase in online marketing of supermarket products, both Rappi and Glovo advanced not only in agreements with the main chains but also in other measurements to be in tune with the highest demand.

“We have cars and trucks. The great differential is that, in addition to having the same products and promos, they arrive In an hour and not in four to five, “explains Casoy, from Rappi, who offers this service with Coto.

In this case, logistics meets another challenge: getting the best products. “We have personal shoppers, employees hired by Rappi and identified with an orange apron and cap, which we train weekly,” says Casoy.

According to the manager, they are in charge of “checking with the client if the avocados are ready to eat now or in 20 days, if there is stock of the required deodorant, etc.” Once the purchase is completed, it is delivered to a delivery man, who will complete the last mile with his car or truck.

Meanwhile, Glovo is working on its fulfillment (as it is known in the jargon to the integration of warehouse and deliveries that “popularized” in Argentina Mercado Libre with its automated deposit).

“The goal is to have a 24/7 solution for stock maintenance and order preparation with delivery in less than 25 minutes,” they indicate.

Thus, delivery companies prepare to allow the “total quarantine“be a way to get new users and loyalty to existing ones, but also be an option so that the most affected businesses can maintain their activity and Argentines have at least a bit of “normality” during their isolation.

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