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The entities took different paths to facilitate operations during quarantine. Homebanking and mobile applications take center stage

The generalized quarantine forced banks to take extraordinary measures in order to serve their customers in the best possible way despite the closure of the branches.

The banks recalled that homebanking and mobile applications are operational, in order to facilitate operations. Among the operations that can be done in this way, are: balance inquiries and CBU, transfers to own or third-party accounts, payment of services and credit cards of each entity, constitution and renewal of fixed terms, insurance contracting, registration and cancellation of accounts or cards, subscription or redemption of Mutual Investment Funds and password management, among others.

On the cash extraction side, entities increased the limits to do it by ATM while the savings banks do not serve the public. Regarding customer service, banks urged their users to communicate through call centers and social networks.

Another relevant fact is that, by indication of the Central Bank, the entities postponed free of charge until April 1 the expiration of cards and loans that were scheduled between March 20 and 31.

Here is a review of what each entity did to facilitate operations in the midst of mandatory quarantine:


Customers of the entity that have a debit card with a linked peso account and are users of online banking or the Go app can load a “Cash Express” withdrawal order and withdraw money without using the debit card. The withdrawal of money without a card can be done by the account holder or a third party over 18 years of age (whether or not he is a bank customer).

BBVA increased the cash withdrawal limits to $ 30,000 for classic customers and to $ 35,000 for Premium and Premium World segments. The latter have the option of increasing it up to $ 50,000 via online banking.


The Buenos Aires entity reminded its clients that they can carry out operations and inquiries through ATMs, homebanking, mobile applications and the customer service center. To this is added digital attention through social networks.


Increased cashier withdrawal limit to $ 22,000 per day for general portfolio customers; at $ 15,000 per day for beneficiaries of social plans; at $ 30,000 for Comafi Premium customers and at $ 37,000 for those with Comafi Unique.

On the other hand, the entity highlighted that the virtual assistant Sofía is available for consultations through homebanking or by WhatsApp (11-3851-2840) 24 hours a day.


Banelco’s extraction limits were raised to $ 17,000 for standard customers and to $ 25,000 for the Éminent segment. In the self-service terminals for Galicia customers, in addition, the withdrawal limit is $ 30,000 and in them you can withdraw cash without using your debit card, only with a token code that is generated from the app.

As for the deposit of checks, they are processed through an image sent by the self-service terminal to make the compensation (except for rejections) and then they are sent to the clearing sector, where there is a minimum staffing that rotates weekly.

In addition, the entity stressed that it has the virtual assistant Gala, which answers on the bank’s website or on WhatsApp (11-4439-8558). It also made tutorial videos available to learn how to operate remotely.


The entity of Brazilian origin expanded the amount of extraction to $ 30,000 and raised the ceilings for electronic payments of services (up to $ 600,000) and purchases (up to $ 47,000). He also postponed the expiration of keys (they will last 500 days instead of 365) and is working to send debit cards to those retirees who still did not have the plastic, as they contact the bank.

“We want people to stay at home, that’s why we have a 30% discount in Rappi paying with credit and debit cards (between March 28 to 31). In addition, the points in e-commerce add up to double. All consumption that are carried out with credit cards from March 28 to 31 in virtual stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, perfumeries, veterinarians and apps from delivey add double score in the @tumundo rewards program, “said Guillermo Jejcic, director of retail banking at Itaú Argentina .

In addition, both for individuals and for SMEs and companies, the entity has an application that allows the remote deposit of checks. Companies also have the option of discounting them that way.


They bet on redirecting the promotions of their debit cards to incentivize customers to make their purchases via the Internet, so that they do not leave their homes. “Before the quarantine we had discounts at Farmacity stores and now we pass them to and Tiendasfarma. With the supermarkets we did the same: we migrated the discounts to the online modalities of Wallmart, ChangoMas, Vea, Disco, Jumbo, Easy, Blaistein and Sodimac, “they explained in the Mortgage Loan.

At the same time, the entity reinforced the attention of the contact center and, through social networks, made tutorials available to customers to operate with electronic channels.

Finally, It also raised the cash withdrawal limit to $ 30,000 and brought the debit purchase cap to $ 90,000.


The bank also increased withdrawal limit to $ 30,000 for all clients and brought it to $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 for the Advance and Premier segments, respectively. Anyway, they clarified that the caps can be raised or lowered via homebanking.

On the other hand, they commented that their call center is working remotely to serve customers, who can also be contacted through social networks.


The bank increased the ATM withdrawal limit to $ 20,000 for the general portfolio and $ 35,000 for the Macro Selecta segment.


The official entity suspended the faith of life for retirees. Those beneficiaries who do not have a debit card will have to contact 0810-666-4444 to coordinate the delivery of the plastic.

El Nación also extended the withdrawal limit to $ 30,000 through ATMs and clarified that discounts in supermarkets will be applied to online purchases in the context of quarantine.


The Buenosairean bank increased to $ 20,000 the limit of withdrawal of cash in ATMs and arranged an extra recharge service for its network. Likewise, it suspended the need to present the faith of life for retirees who collect through the entity.


It offers customers the possibility of increasing their cash withdrawal limit through homebanking (which is enabled after 24 hours).

In addition, Santander allows you to withdraw money without a debit card or send cash to a family member. The order is made through homebanking, where the recipient’s information is provided. Once this procedure has been carried out, the authorized person withdraws the money at an ATM.


He focused on serving retirees, who represent a large part of his clientele. At that point, established that until April 30 it will not be necessary to renew the faith of life to receive its assets.

For those retirees who do not have a debit card, they have set up an exclusive line (0800-999-5999) to help them. It operates from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Clarifications of the Central

Despite the general increase in the extraction limits, in recent days queues were seen at ATMs, due to the fact that they began to deposit retirement and Universal Child Allowances (AUH), which include the $ 3,000 bonus announced by the Government . In this framework, the Central Bank issued a series of clarifications to bring peace of mind to financial users.

“The banks have the necessary banknote stock to supply their ATMs,” the agency said in a statement. “In a singular situation such as the current one, in the event of inconveniences, in general they are due to logistics issues, but not to problems of availability and existence of tickets”added the entity led by Miguel Ángel Pesce.

Along the same lines, the BCRA recalled that there are 18,000 ATMs in the country, to which are added another 17,500 cash withdrawal points in lines of supermarket checkouts, pharmacies and service stations, among others. In total, the cash dispenser outlets exceed 35,000 service points.

Yesterday, in addition, the financial system regulator commission collection was suspended until June 30 and charges for operations (deposits, withdrawals, inquiries, etc.) made at all ATMs. The measure has no amount limits and makes no distinction by type of demand account or between clients and non-clients.

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