What are the plans that Mercado Libre has for Córdoba in 2020

After the encouraging numbers with which it closed 2019, Mercado Libre is heading to reinforce its presence in Córdoba and in other major cities in the interior of the country with an ambitious plan that includes improving the performance of the delivery times of the products and expand the universe of merchants adhered to its electronic payment system (Mercado Pago).

Consulted by this means in this regard, the vice president of Mercado Libre Hispanic Countries, Karen Bruck, explained: “The objective is to improve the value of shipments to expand this system with which 60 percent of the products of Greater Buenos Aires it is delivered in less than 24 hours ”.

Increase. Karen Bruck detailed the opportunities in the region.

He stressed that one of the missions for its operations in Argentina is to “expand” that logistics model to “other regions”, although he moderated expectations by noting that “it will not be 24 hours around there (which will take delivery), but yes 48 ”.

At the same time, the firm seeks to promote its payment processing services outside the platform, both on line just like in the physical world, through mobile point of sale (MPos) devices, your virtual wallet business and payment processing services on line for third parties.

Along these lines, it has been making progress in agreements with municipalities for the payment of fees, as is the case in Córdoba.

The company has presented a more than encouraging balance on its results in 2019, especially since the improvements were registered in the midst of the deep economic crisis that Argentina is still trying to overcome.

According to that report, the total amount of money transacted through its services amounted to more than 13,997 million dollars. Another figure that excites the company with a presence throughout the region is that last year they registered 6,000 searches and 12 purchases per second.

“At Argentina level, it was undoubtedly one of the years that surprised us, because with the recessionary and inflationary context, it was a roulette wheel. In fact, making a plan for Argentina was difficult, but it was one of the most dynamic and fastest growing years in recent years, “Bruck evaluated.

According to the executive, Mercado Libre believes that in the region it can continue to grow at rates of 30 or 40 percent. “It is a rate of a still immature market, because in markets such as Asia, the e-commerce it is already at 40 percent levels (of total operations), ”he compared.

He explained that the imminent steps to shore up his position in electronic commerce will be those that allow improving management in less traditional categories, such as fashion, home or mass consumption.

“These are opportunities for faster growth than buying a cell phone, which in recessive economies people wait six times more to change it,” Bruck explained.

Along these lines, he explained that the “natural” tendency of users is, increasingly, to start the shopping journey in the world on line, through your cell phone.

On the other hand, as Mercado Libre activates and supports value propositions, with fast shipments, the purchase of guarantees and free returns, the objective is to grow in the number of operations. “That with those six thousand searches per second, purchases become 12 to 15, 20 or 30,” he added.

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