What are the measures that Mexico could take to reopen gyms

The Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs announced the measures they will use to care for clients and employees of exercise centers

Mexico prepares to reopen gyms and clubs in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. For this, a strict protocol was developed to take care of the health of the clients and employees of the exercise centers.

Days ago, the Undersecretary of Health and responsible for the national strategy Hugo López-Gatell against the spread of the coronavirus SARSCov2 indicated that the gyms They would be among the last establishments to return to normal operations due to the additional considerations these locations must have to avoid Covid-19 infections.

As he argued, in the Sport centers concentrations of people are generated in closed spaces, exercise equipment is shared, and more punctually, you breathe in an accelerated way and through your mouth, which can pose an additional danger to users.

What will be the measures that will be adopted in Mexico to reopen the gyms?

However, the Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs decided to publish the sanitary measures that their related brands will apply to protect their clients and employees, thus starting operations as soon as they are authorized.

According to a statement by Nelson Vargas, spokesperson for the organization, collected by El Universal, this protocol was developed with the measures proposed by different sports associations worldwide and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

The Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs has members such as 9Round, Anytime Fitness, All Sports, ATTIC, Be Wellness Guadalajara, Be Dynamic, C +, Club Tarango, Clubs Sportway, Easy Fit, Family Fitness, Fitspin, Fit Spot, Gym Tijuana, Load, Nelson Vargas, Orangetheory Fitness , SmartFit, Snap Fitness, Sport City, Sportium, Sports World, Title Boxing Club and Vivo 47.

Prevention measures

These are some measures that the Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs proposes and to which would be added those that at the time were formally ruled by the health authority in Mexico:

– The entrance to the gyms will have Physical barriers or away temporarily.

– Clients will be given antibacterial gel in dispensers at the entrances to the facilities, as well as in all areas of common use.

– Clients and workers may have a solution of 70% gel alcohol in every area of ​​the gym.

– Will grant sanitizing towels so that customers can clean common contact surfaces such as weights, bicycle handlebars, electronic treadmill controls and more before and after physical activity.

– It will be placed disinfectant in wet areas like showers or bathrooms.

– will stick visual material (printed or on screens) with messages about healthy distance, handwashing, cleaning common objects and respiratory hygiene.

– I know will train workers to be alert to avoid contagion themselves and their customers.

– They will be given safety equipment such as masks, goggles and / or facial masks between counter areas.

– Physical and mental health surveillance programs will be launched for staff and a protocol will be established for the management of suspected and confirmed workers with Covid-19.

Sports centers remain closed due to coronavirus

Sports centers remain closed due to coronavirus

– If you have a pool, the gym should place supports so that each user can hang his towel individually with a healthy distance.

– You must clean edges and stairs at the end of each training.

– A temporary limited space in order to maintain healthy distance standards.

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