video showing how quarantine is not respected in La Matanza

In the populous district commanded by Fernando Espinoza, there were crowds and the authorities did not appear. Images that go viral

The lack of respect for quarantine in the Buenos Aires suburbs is becoming a growing concern.

Testimonies on social networks and television media have testified to the laxity with which many citizens take the “obligatory social isolation” decreed by the national government. And this Friday they appeared on social networks a large number of videos that clearly show crowds and lack of controls in the most populous district: The slaughter.

The video that goes viral the most during these hours is one that shows a crowd standing in a long line to access the Banco Nación in the town of González Catán. You can see it here:

Another video, also by González Catán, reveals another perspective of the “normality” that is lived in that territory of La Matanza.

But the lack of compliance with the quarantine does not occur only in the most remote localities of the immense Buenos Aires district. In the same head of the party, San Justo, a few meters from the municipality commanded by Fernando Espinoza, similar scenes can be seen, as the following video shows:

The clips that depict similar situations multiply and show other places in La Matanza, such as the following episode in Isidro Casanova:

Problems with security forces

The Buenosairean government disaffected the two policemen of La Matanza who this week forced physical exercises and made fun of seven young people to those who delayed because they violated the preventive, social and obligatory isolation by the coronavirus in that Buenos Aires party.

This was confirmed by Governor Axel Kicillof in statements to the C5N channel, stating that “the local police in La Matanza were forcibly disaffected by the episode recorded on the street.”

The event occurred yesterday when two police officers whose initials are HR and CU detected that a group of seven people violated the quarantine decreed by the National Government.

According to what was recorded in a video that went viral on social networks, the police forced the young people to first stand against the wall, then to jump, later to do planks on the floor and finally to squat, while threatening them. and they made fun of them.

The troops also forced the young people to sing the National Anthem while intimidating and humiliating them..

The video in which the abuse of authority was recorded was filmed by a police and also by residents of the area, which is why it quickly went viral.

“As soon as I found out what had happened, I issued the order to set them aside, but they had already been arranged by the minister (of Buenos Aires Security) Sergio Berni and the police chief,” Kicillof explained.

Finally, the governor asked “that this does not tarnish the exemplary work that thousands of police officers who are doing very well according to regulations and protocols are doing.”

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