Vicentin’s owner again violated quarantine

Gustavo Nardelli, one of the owners of the cereal factory, was circulating in the City of Buenos Aires, until he was asked for permission at a control

A few days ago, and in the midst of the mandatory isolation decreed by the national government, Gustavo Nardelli, director of Vicentin, one of the main agro-export companies in the country, was found sailing the waters of the Paraná River aboard his luxury yacht called “Champagne”. He did not have permission to do so.

This Saturday afternoon, according to Infobae, Nardelli violated the quarantine again, this time driving his car through the streets of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

City Police officers carrying out a vehicle control stopped their march when driving their black Mercedes Benz SLK on Libertador Avenue, between Mendoza and Juramento streets. Neighbors in the area said that it was moving at high speed.

As in these cases, the uniformed officers asked him for the documentation that justifies his presence on public roads, something that Nardelli did not have. According to police sources, the businessman was obfuscated by the procedure.

The case was notified to Federal Court No. 9, in charge of Judge Luis Rodríguez, who ordered the car to be hijacked. Nardelli was drawn up an act for violation of article 205 of the Penal Code, which states: “He will be punished with imprisonment from six months to two years, who violates the measures adopted by the competent authorities, to prevent the introduction or spread of a epidemic”.

Nardelli, also president of the Puerto Rosario Terminal, had also not respected the quarantine earlier this week. Last Monday, he was intercepted by Naval Prefecture personnel sailing near that Santa Fe city, in the company of another crew member.

As reported by the Force in a statement, “the officers detected that a yacht was at anchor at kilometer 426 of the aforementioned river. Upon boarding it, they verified that it was manned by a man and a woman.”

As a result of this fact, Federal Court No. 4 intervened in the case, in charge of Dr. Marcelo Martin Bailaque, who ordered the hijacking of the boat and the house arrest of those involved for violating the decree establishing the mandatory national quarantine for protect Argentines against the pandemic.

The Vicentin firm is in bankruptcy to prevent creditors having to face a debt of 1,350 million dollars, which is divided between USD 1 billion from banks and the rest to companies in the agricultural sector.

Banco Nación is the main creditor of the company with $ 18,000 million, followed by Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires with $ 1,600 million and BICE with $ 5 million.

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