Vicentin owes 5.2 billion to 500 Cordoba creditors

Last February 10, the ton of soy was listed on the Rosario Stock Exchange at a price similar to the current one: 15 thousand pesos. This means that a truck loaded with 30 tons of the oilseed has a value of about 450 thousand pesos.

That same date is the one used by the study of accountants that prepared the list of creditors that makes up the file of the preventive bankruptcy of the company Vicentin, which is being processed in the Court of First Instance District No. 4 in Civil and Commercial, Second Nomination, from Reconquista (Santa Fe), to make the “cut” and calculate the liabilities of one of the largest agro-industrial companies in the country.

The sum in the calculator gave a total amount of 99,345.2 million pesos that owes 1,895 people (physical and legal) for the purchase of grain; to 586, for goods and services; 37 financial entities; 19 tax and customs agencies; 98 shareholders and three related companies.

The debt is equivalent, then, to about 220 thousand trucks of soybeans, of which about 11,400 correspond to suppliers from Córdoba.

La Voz accessed the complete list of Vicentin’s creditors and was able to establish that there are 518 individuals and companies from Córdoba that were left with any outstanding balance from the agro-exporting firm.

In total, these credits total almost 5,200 million pesos, 5.2 percent of the total.


The bulk of Vicentin’s debts to Córdoba are for the purchase of grains: 5,163.6 million pesos over an exact amount of 5,197.8 million, and 509 suppliers out of the 518 total.

Translated: producers, stores and cooperatives in the interior are the main victims in the province for having sent soy, corn and wheat to the Santa Fe company, which later did not pay in due time and form.

The total that Vicentin owed at the national level only for the purchase of grains is 25,656.9 million pesos; that is, that Córdoba represents 20 percent of that figure.

In the number of affected, the participation is higher: 27 percent (509 victims out of 1,895 in total).

Distributed among each creditor, it means an average debt of 10.1 million pesos for each one, but the reality is that since the payroll involves all those who were left with some type of credit in favor, cases appear to which they only owe some hundreds of pesos and others who are billionaires.

A Monte Maíz firm concentrates 10 percent of the credits: 520 million pesos. Near that town, in Justiniano Posse, two agricultural cooperatives were left with a joint unpaid balance of more than 450 million pesos.

They continue in the list of cereals and stores of Marcos Juárez, with 320 million; Matorrales, with 200 million; and Wenceslao Escalante, with 190 million pesos.

Companies with more than 100 million credits also include Adelia María, Coronel Moldes, Del Campillo, Villa María and Laborde.

With regard to debts for purchases of goods and services, there are only eight companies from Córdoba that have outstanding accounts and add a total credit of 34.1 million pesos.

The thickness corresponds to a factory of packaging of Arroyito that was left with a balance of 27.2 million.

In this area, Córdoba’s participation is negligible, if it is taken into account that the total claims for this concept add up to 2,292 million pesos: most of the suppliers of goods and services of Vicentin are from Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Capital Federal .

Banks: Main creditors

Of the nearly 100 billion pesos of liabilities that Vicentin has, the bulk is financial debt: 63,961.5 million owes 37 national and international entities. The largest creditor is Banco Nación, with 18 billion pesos. It is followed by a company from the United States and another from the Netherlands, with 16,500 million and 9,228 million, respectively. The list includes the Banco de Córdoba, but with an insignificant amount: 3,791.53 pesos.

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