United Kingdom will give up to $ 4,500 to volunteers who get coronavirus

A leading company in the industry seeks to develop a vaccine. The race to find it could cost $ 2 billion

In the search for the vaccine that ends CoVid-19, Hvivo, a leading company in the study industry against the viral challenge in the United Kingdom, will pay up to 24 volunteers 3,500 pounds (about 4,000 euros) for being infected with 2 strains of coronavirus similar to those of CoVid-19 – a virus that has infected more than 110,000 people and killed 3,832 in 109 different territories – to develop a vaccine.

This race to find the CoVid-19 coronavirus vaccine could cost 2,000 million dollars (2,300 million euros), according to Richard Hatchett, infectologist and CEO of CEPI, the Coalition for Innovations in the Preparation for Epidemics of the United Kingdom . And, there are already 20 vaccines in development, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 80 clinical trials with ongoing antivirals.

According to The Times, the United Kingdom does not have a vaccine production capacity that can provide everyone, but the Hvivo experiment has aroused international interest because it manages to simulate coronavirus infection with 2 common but less harmful strains than CoVid -19.

That is, it intends to infect volunteers with a set of less dangerous bacterial specimens that share a genetic variant: 0C43 and 229E, from the same family as Wuhan’s coronavirus. In this way they can simulate the conditions in a safe environment to be able to develop the drug.

Right now, in the country they have a total of 278 cases, 3 deaths and 18 recovered, but their figures include up to 100,000 deaths in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Spain now raises its cases to 675 infected, 17 dead and 32 recovered and Italy with more than 7,000 infected and 300 dead, closes 12 provinces and warns Europe of the impact of the coronavirus in hospitals.

Volunteers will have to have blood, urine and heart disease tests and will receive 3,500 pounds (about 4,000 euros) for their participation. Before isolating themselves for 14 days at the Queen Mary BioEmpresas Innovation Center in Whitechapel, east London, they will have to be inoculated 2 weeks before and they have totally forbidden physical contact with the outside world until the end of the study.

It is assumed that with the strains individuals will feel the same symptoms as those of CoVid-19. And, although they are not as dangerous as Wuhan’s coronavirus, “If it works (the vaccine) on our little virus, it is very likely to work in the real world,” John Oxford tells The Times, a virology expert at Queen University Mary from London

But the company is still waiting for the UK Regulatory Medicines and Health Products Agency to approve the study with those who volunteer, according to The Times.

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