Uber assures that Justice allows him to operate, but the Buenos Aires Government insists that it is illegal

A new round of the fight between Uber and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires occurred this Wednesday, when from the company they indicated that three new judgments of the Justice guaranteed its legality, but from the Secretary of Transport they affirmed the opposite.

The CABA Criminal, Contravention and Faults Court No. 28 resolved in two sentences that driving using the application does not constitute a fault, so the so-called “anti-Uber” law sanctioned by the Buenos Aires Legislature is not applicable.

The sentences highlight that drivers had a professional driver’s license, so the application for passenger transport made this decision as validation for your activity.

But from the Ministry of Transportation of the City they were in charge of make it clear that Uber is still illegal.

“Uber’s illegality is a fact. The failures indicated by the company are three isolated cases that respond to different and particular driver situations. These are not sentences that have been pronounced in favor of the company but on drivers, who are exercising illegal transport; and each specific case is defined differently, “they expressed to from the Secretariat

In fact, the Superior Court of Justice in the last week confirmed at least two sentences that in all instances held that Uber’s passenger transport activity is illegal, therefore it is a misdemeanor“they continued.

In fact, this year the Buenos Aires Justice issued a precautionary measure in which it was ratified that UBER is illegal and that the Government you have to do everything in your power to ban the activity.

To seek approval for its activity, the other ruling that the company uses is a sentence by which the retention of a driver’s license at a traffic control violates the procedure established by the Traffic Code.

But the City’s own Secretary of Transportation, Juan José Méndez, remarked on TN Monday that Uber is not authorized: “It is an illegal transport, and using this service is a problem for both the driver and the passenger

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