Two Argentine BAKED delicacies chosen as the best in LATIN AMERICA

Argentina is known in the world as a cradle of gastronomy. Whether sweet or salty, the country has several foods that stand out internationally.

On this occasion, the renowned Pictonline page decided to hold a competition between the different flagship bakeries in Latin America.

“Great sweet bread tournament” was the name of the playoff in which eight delicacies from the region competed. Argentina participated with the alfajores and croissants, and in a very close final, the sweet sandwich won the trophy.

The other members were the egg bread (Chile), the vanilla shell (Mexico), the piñita bread (Venezuela), the chocolate donut (Mexico), the Arequipe roscón (Colombia) and the chocolate (Mexico).

Argentina in the top 5: provoleta is one of the best cheeses in the world

The grilled provolone Argentina stayed with him Fifth place in a ranking of 50 Best “Cheese Plates” of the world organized by Taste Atlas, a prestigious international gastronomy website. It is the only dish from America on the list.

The best positioned Argentine cheese plate was, nothing more and nothing less, than the grilled provolettewhich was left with the fifth position in the ranking, with 4.7 points. The report highlighted it as “one of the basic foods of the Argentine bbq barbecue. He provolone semi-hard is the perfect cheese for the grill, because it is compact and firm”.

The Argentine provoleta came first in the ranking of the best cheeses in the world.  (Photo: Twitter @tasteatlas)

The Argentine provoleta came first in the ranking of the best cheeses in the world. (Photo: Twitter @tasteatlas)

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A few weeks ago, the same magazine made a list with the 50 best dishes that can be tried in America and Argentina achieved the highest place on the podium with the roast.

Argentina champion once again: the choripán is the “best hot dog” in the world

He choripan Argentine took first place in a ranking one of the best hot dogs in the world organized by Taste Atlasa prestigious international gastronomy website.

The Argentine choripán was chosen as the best "hot dog" of the world.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Argentine choripán was chosen as the best “hot dog” in the world. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Argentina is world champion once again “they wrote on the official Twitter account that every year puts a list of popular dishes from different countries to the vote.

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“Choripán is the ultimate in Argentine street food, a sandwich consisting of a chorizo ​​sausage and a variety of seasonings on a crusty bread,” they explained at the Taste Atlas. “It is usually consumed on the go, since it is sold mainly in street stalls throughout Latin America,” they added.

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