Traditional ALFAJORES factory closed: debts SALARIES

The plant has not produced since February due to economic problems and the employees evaluated reactivating it as a cooperative.

The alfajores factory The Nirva, which produces the well-known products “Huge” and the Recoleta“It closed its doors. This constitutes a new chapter in an already prolonged crisis in the company.

La Nirva workers were camping at the door of the plant, which is located in the La Matanza district, and were evicted by the Buenos Aires police last Monday.

Struck by the crisis, the plant has not produced since February. Now, under the suffocation of the quarantine, his situation would have worsened.

La Nirva employees protest. They were evicted by the Buenos Aires police.

Workers’ delegates explained that the firm’s owners wrote bottomless checks to pay off a wage debt from seven months ago.

Even the employees were planning a meeting this Thursday with authorities from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Labor.

The staff affected by the lack of payment of wages came to the door of the company and reported a possible emptying of the machines to produce.

“The owners want to take everything and not only that they do not let us return to work, because there is demand, but they also do not pay us wages,” explained Marcelo Cáceres, union delegate, in dialogue with Minute One.

Will Nirva continue as a cooperative?

Towards the end of last month, La Nirva employees requested to be received by authorities from the Municipality of La Matanza, where the company operates, to implement mechanisms with which it would be managed by its workers, such as cooperative.

The alfajor

The alfajor “Grandote”, one of the best known of the company.

“After the report came out on C5N, we received a payment of $ 4,100, when they owe us almost seven months of salary. This situation is unsustainable,” said Marcelo Cáceres, delegate of the workers in late April.

“Today we held an assembly with the male and female companions, since most of them are women and heads of household, and we agreed to ask the mayor, Fernando Espinoza, to attend to let us know our situation,” he added then about this option that the workers are still evaluating. .

“We are 65 families who have not charged for more than six months. We are going through the quarantine without money. Even before the mandatory quarantine was decreed, a legal representative from La Nirva promised before the Ministry of Labor to give each worker the sum of $ 10,000 pesos each and $ 25,000 the following week, but this did not happen, “he explained to Minutouno.

Before the pandemic, in 2019 it had stopped production without any economic excuse, since sales were maintained.

“We were even scammed with checks for 90 to 60 days and none of them took care that the account was without funds. The workers went to work for free being cheated. We cannot even demand anything from the State because in ANSES it appears that they pay us over $ 80,000 pesos, “said Cáceres. La Nirva changed owners last year and the new owner decided that production should be suspended from October 1, 2019. From that moment, the company started a conflict.

“Today we are out of work, nobody is charging anything, not even the security agents to whom they also owe salaries. We want to get to form a cooperative to see if we can recover our job sources and continue to have an income,” the delegate concluded.

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