Traders ask the COE for “urgent” details on the new restrictions

The return of restrictions on commercial activity arranged since Monday by the Emergency Operations Center (COE) due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 triggered reactions of rejection and also of confusion in the sector.

The Chamber of Wholesale Merchants and Industrialists of the Province of Córdoba urgently requested the COE to provide details on the flexibilities that remain in the activity and those that were deactivated, since this Tuesday many of its associates could not comply with the permitted activity. when being stopped in police controls.

“We try to continue with the work in shops behind closed doors, with sales on-line, delivery and delivery of purchases made remotely. We understand that this did not change. But the Police did not allow many of our employees to reach the premises, and also stopped the passage of commission agents who came to withdraw orders and are empowered, “he told The voice Lucas Romero, President of the Chamber.

The entity submitted its claim to the police authorities, to the Department of Commerce of the Province and also to the COE, and for these hours it expects details.

A large part of its associates are based in the Mercado Sud area where, Romero clarified, there are no special restrictions or fences in force. He specified that no one suffered police “mistreatment”, but that the repeated problem was the impediment to circulate to merchants, employees and customers who should be able to do so. “It is as if the Police have returned to March 20,” he graphed.

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For its part, the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce expressed deep concern about the backward step in opening retail stores to the public.

José Viale, head of the entity, described the business situation as a “limit”, which almost did not reopen and now had to close again. And he anticipated the discomfort that the measure will detonate in merchants.


The first to publicize concern and rejection of the return of the restrictions were downtown merchants, self-convened in the so-called United Merchants Network.

Tamara Sternberg, leader of the group, published via social networks a statement expressing the critical situation of the sector, calls for official help and denounces the lack of observance of health protocols in the commercial area of ​​the North Market prior to the appearance of the recent focus of Sars Cov 2. At the same time, he demands more information on the progress of the disease in Córdoba.

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