Total quarantine day 2: one fatality, 3,200 detainees and long lines at the Panamericana

The second day of the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus began with the news of the death of a 67-year-old woman. In addition, 67 infected persons were registered who, added to those of the previous days, accounted for 225, and more than 3,200 people were arrested for violating the isolation.

The death of this day is the fourth recorded in the country. This is a patient from San Andrés de Giles who was admitted to the Güemes de Luján Clinic.

The number of detainees reflects that even many people were unaware of the severity of the pandemic. Even a doctor registered long lines of cars in the Panamericana that show that the concern of the officials has support. “They are going to saturate the health system,” said the indignant professional in a video that reached TN and the People.

In the morning, the National Security Minister, Sabina Frederic, warned that they do not “rule out” declaring a state of siege to ensure that preventive and mandatory social isolation is met. “The state of siege is not ruled out. It is as a possibility and it was analyzed, but for now the Government chose to wait“he assured.

For his part, his defense counterpart, Agustín Rossi also referred to the issue and maintained: “We have the full capacity of the Armed Forces and men, which are 90 thousand, destined to participate in different ways in everything that means fighting the coronavirus pandemic. “

The woman had entered with severe symptoms At the health center, he had a history of obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and had to receive mechanical respiratory assistance. He had a multi-organ failure. He had been on a cruise in the Caribbean until March 12.

New infected

This Saturday the Ministry of Health confirmed that 67 new cases of people with coronaviruses were detected: 45 correspond to people with a history of travel to an area with community transmission, while 12 are close contacts and the other 10 are under investigation to determine the history epidemiological.

Of the 67 cases, 29 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 15 in the Province of Buenos Aires, 5 in Chaco, 5 Mendoza, 4 Córdoba, 3 Tierra del Fuego, 2 Corrientes, 2 Santa Fe, 1 Tucumán and 1 in Río Negro . These add to the 158 of the previous days in different parts of the country.


48 hours after the mandatory quarantine began, more than 3,200 arrests of people who did not comply have already been reported. Among those apprehended were 44 young people who were participating in a picnic, six people who were returning in a bus from Brazil and three motorists who were stung.

More than 3,200 detainees were reported on the second day of quarantine. (Photo: Télam)
More than 3,200 detainees were reported on the second day of quarantine. (Photo: Télam)

In the case of Buenos Aires, the National Security Ministry reported that 645 people were detained by the National Gendarmerie, 48 by the Federal Police, 29 by the Airport Security Police (PSA) and 6 by the Naval Prefecture. Most of them were apprehended during controls carried out on national routes and border crossings.

Most of the arrests occurred at traffic controls. (Photo: Télam)
Most of the arrests occurred at traffic controls. (Photo: Télam)

In Córdoba there were about 320 detainees, including two Germans who had been at large since Tuesday after escaping from a hotel where they were staying.

Hospital in Campo de Mayo

The Argentine Army began to install a Relocatable Military Hospital (HMR) in the Campo de Mayo garrison to expand its capacity to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“This adds to the entire structure of Military Health that the armed forces make available to face the pandemic, and that in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires it already has the Central Military Hospital, the Naval Hospital, the Aeronautical Hospital and the Campo de Mayo Hospital, “said the Defense Minister, Agustín Rossi, to the news agency Telam.

He indicated that “this Saturday the transfer of the HMR modules to the Campo de Mayo Hospital began and this afternoon the assembly tasks could begin to have it operational as soon as possible.”

  Relocatable Military Hospital in Campo de Mayo. (Photo: Argentine News)
Relocatable Military Hospital in Campo de Mayo. (Photo: Argentine News)

The HMR has the capacity to provide emergency and surgical health support autonomously, comprehensively and independently for a period of 48 hours of uninterrupted operation; and to perform up to 2 surgeries simultaneously, with the surgical equipment and complete and independent monitoring equipment for each operating room.

This health center can also perform the support of hospitalization of up to a maximum of 28 simultaneous patients, and can also be easily transported by land, air or sea in 13 20-foot containers.

Supermarket opening hours

Due to the total mandatory isolation decreed by the Government to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, today it was reported that supermarkets, hypermarkets and warehouses across the country will modify their hours of operation.

The measure will take effect this Sunday. The premises will be open from 7 to 20 from Sunday, March 22. This measure seeks to cover a strip “that do not overload clients and free them at a time where they may still return home using public transportation

Supermarkets will open every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Photo: Télam)
Supermarkets will open every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Photo: Télam)

The decision was made by the Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (Faecys) and the Association of United Supermarkets (ASU) this Saturday and is intended “articulate the fluid provision of basic necessities to the population and the protection of mercantile workers”, in the framework of the health emergency that the country is going through.


In the midst of the quarantine, a group of thieves wanted to rob a Chinese supermarket in San Martín, located at Avenida de Mayo 6000.

The criminals managed to flee at the right time when Buenos Aires Police personnel burst in. Beers and wines were brought. The sequence was recorded by one of the local security cameras.

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