Today’s weather: Scattered MISTS and SHOWERS in the Capital and surroundings

Rain, fog and low temperatures. The closing of the week appears gray for those who have to travel through the City of Buenos Aires and the AMBA. The early morning will be marked by the presence of fog banks and strong gusts of wind that will circulate from the northeast and reach 50 km/h.

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The minimun temperature It will also be registered during the first hours of this Friday, June 2 and according to the report of the National Meteorological Service (SMN) it will be, on average, 14 degrees.

There will be fog in the capital and in the AMBA during the early morning and in the morning. (Photo: Agustina Ribó / TN)

Weather in the AMBA: how will the morning be at the end of the week

The greatest variation between dawn and morning will be that the probability of showers and scattered showers will increase. However, the presence of mists will remain persistent and the temperature will remain at 14 degrees.

Sunrise is scheduled for 7:52 a.m. although, according to the SMN, it will not be able to dissipate the mist. While the wind will change its direction and enter from the north with gusts of up to 22 km/h.

Weather in the AMBA: will there be a maximum greater than 20 degrees?

As has been the case in recent weeks, the maximum temperature will be recorded in the afternoon and according to the SMN, maximum for this day will be 23 degrees. The highest in recent days.

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However, with the increase in temperature, they will also arrive the scattered showers that will be distributed throughout the AMBA and the City of Buenos Aires. And the wind will maintain its intensity.

Weather in the AMBA: scattered rains for the night

For the night, it is predicted that the temperature will drop to 19 degrees and that the strong winds will return with gusts of more than 50 km/h.

The sky will be mostly cloudy and the chances of rain will be between 40% and 70%. For the weekend it is expected that scattered rains will remain and that the sky will be mostly cloudy.

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