Today’s horoscope, Thursday April 16, 2020


It is true that if you do not risk you do not win, but to risk, you must know what is done. Think and think again about those businesses you have in mind. Use the time. Full love in a day full of sweetness. Rapport.

Moment: cinnamon colored.


Excellent day to think and review ourselves internally. Issues in the work area will correct the organization of the job opening up greater possibilities. Importance to things that were previously ignored, favorable and encouraging repercussion.

Moment: Mediterranean blue color.


Full day with a good feeling of wanting to bring joy and creativity to the routine. They will be relieved to have achieved what they hoped for. Take the time to do deep cleaning at home and consider quitting smoking.

Moment: cream colour.


Those governed by the beautiful Moon will have a day full of intuition with which they can find various solutions to long-standing problems. Not to stop considering the other is also to achieve solutions. Meditation and spiritual elevation.

Moment: Crystalline water color.


Good starts for those who are concentrating on tasks or projects. They are outlined in something interesting with creativity and judgment. Respond to those who require explanations or comments from you. Dialogue is the basis of everything.

Moment: corn-colored.


Those ruled by the great illuminator Mercury, will have a brilliant day in the area of ​​activities. They seek and find. Hearts with airs of fulfillment arrive at important conclusions and encouraging decisions. Prosperity, time, rest.

Moment: wine color.


Time to let go, let go and find yourself. Librians are on a sensitive day, with mixed thoughts and feelings. The right word arrives that encourages and sustains, on the part of close friends reconnecting with the affections. Evolution.

Moment: deep violet in color.


The scorpion in its energetic apogee, unfolds its healthy power before those who question it in an inquisitive and curious way. Nothing escapes the law and the law when it is just and good, comes alone to us. Deep and encouraging revelation.

Moment: indigo color.


Long journey for the arqueritos who will look in their natural resources of perception and intelligence, the key to avoid problems that appear. Loving support from those who show you care a lot. Rapport.

Moment: emerald green.


Almost internally exhausting day in the definition, but with many achievements thanks to the typical effort of those ruled by the great Saturn that materializes and seals in the long term. The heart somewhat removed, try to return to the link and relax.

Moment: lavender color.


The aguateros with a loose day, relaxed but forceful with the decisions they would make. Certain proposals come to you to consider in the future. Opportunity. Love in a beautiful day, with warmth and tenderness. Take advantage of happiness.

Moment: orange in color.


Insight and clairvoyance, the typical psychic of the Zodiac, will shine today with important achievements and successes. Try at the same time to discern between what is convenient for you and what you want. Special day, they seek, create, say, reaffirm, change, experience, arise.

Moment: garnet color.

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