Today’s horoscope, Saturday, May 16, 2020


Lots of insight on this day where intuition plays an interesting role. Many times hunches are a vital point to be able to find the key point of a situation. Vitality and desire to consider other perspectives.

Moment: orange in color.


As well characterizes this Earth sign today the will power leads them to be able to conclude matters that were difficult for them to face. It carries a certain air and the desire to start again in the affections.

Moment: mauve.


Don’t worry and don’t overload your daily life with nerves. Try to conceive material matters in their right place, without exaggeration. Everything comes and the problems in one way or another come to their solution. The Celestial shelter exists.

Moment: sky blue.


Cancerians rest day for many of you and those who have to work inside or outside the home will do so with a relaxed and light spirit. Cheering up is one of the important attitudes one must have to achieve on all planes.

Moment: amber in color.


Very interesting Saturday to order, take out what we do not use anymore and do deep cleaning. Festive spirits and a feeling of well-being. They review their way of approaching romantic relationships and set goals for couples.

Moment: crimson in color.


Break with the structures that they carry with them regarding self-demand and also with the demands of others. They will alleviate their daily experience and realize that it is easier and healthier to be more elastic. Renewal.

Moment: linen color.


Idle day for Librians who like comfort, today those who feel saturated, could, despite home responsibilities, hang out for leisure, read a book, watch a movie or look out the window. Relax.

Moment: bright yellow.


Scorpios with a day wanting to connect with the interior and know more about yourself. Prone to over demand, try to meditate also on this custom that is not always good.

Moment: magenta.


Optimal day for those Sagittarians with artistic concerns. Great creativity and feeling of generating projects. Hearts with new spirits that you will know how to share with your partner or family. Awareness of being able to live happier.

Moment: yellow sun color.


Starting point on the family level, couples will see new and renewed spirits. The things you are afraid of, try to avoid thinking about them. It is not necessary to live worried, what is necessary is to live with greater joy.

Moment: faint violet color.


They can leave for tomorrow what they cannot do today. Day to relax and stop obsessively thinking about your work problems. It is important not to magnify or maximize what has no real weight, do not generate discomfort.

Moment: light blue.


That trust in the other is not such a difficult attitude to have. It is easier to believe than to distrust and produce mixed feelings about the other. It is better to dialogue than to suspect or set negative intentions.

Moment: jet color.

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