To pass quarantine, tenors and sopranos go out on the balconies to sing to their neighbors

Many do not know each other. Occasionally they traveled together in the elevator or crossed into a neighborhood business. The truth is that in this time of quarantine the neighbors, although they do not recognize their faces, are closer than ever.

In TN and The People We already show you how they sing happy birthday to the one who lives upstairs, or party nights on the balcony.

Now two videos with spectacular voices arrived: a tenor and a soprano performed an impromptu serenade from their windows.

July lives in the neighborhood of Almagro and he sang for all his neighbors for a few minutes. Astonished, everyone tidied up the windows so that their voice would fill the rooms. And of course he received deserved applause.

The neighbors of Rocking horse they also had their serenade. Jessica Fernández is soprano and went out to the balcony and delighted them with his voice.

In Rosario, a neighbor who owns the neighborhood ice cream parlor, sang opera from the balcony of his house.

Fernando went out on the balcony to commemorate March 24, Memorial day for truth and justice, accompanied by the song of Charly García “The dinosaurs”.

In other posts that reached the citizen journalism portal, neighbors gave concerts with instruments. This is the case of Darius what did he play cello.

Written by Argentina News

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