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In order to build a startup from home and be able to earn money to face the moment of pandemic, you must first consider certain key issues

The need for generate income due to the restrictions that exist to circulate in public places as a consequence of the coronavirus, leads many people to rethink doing different work from home to be able to live and pay the essential bills.

There are different alternatives to tackle and undertake from home, but before starting a certain initiative deal a series of recommendations to prepare and launch into adventure.

First of all, the time available to to work from home can be an opportunity to generate some new project and innovative, to provide some service or product those who face the same situation of isolation.

I mean, you can generate income thinking of the people who need to cover certain personal and work needs amid the limitations of the pandemic. For starters, beyond having a device connected to Internet and certain knowledge on the item to undertake, it is necessary to bear in mind a series of factors that depend on the individual and organizational aspect of each one. Especially, because the context Social that is generated by the coronavirus modifies the panorama to undertake.

“This tiny virus with crown-shaped edges became the king of the planet in three months attacking us without mercy, without difference of race, religion, age, country, level of education, social class or standard of living. It significantly altered our routines and our life, “he says to Professional Silvia Torres Carbonell, Executive Director of the Center for Entrepeneurship of the IAE Business School, Austral University.

And he adds that in the face of this unexpected and uncertain situation, attitude and behavior entrepreneur they are “the best antidote”.

Undertake is to face the uncertainty without freezing, work to transform it into risk and then into value. That is what entrepreneurs do today, “highlights Torres Carbonell.

According to this expert in entrepreneurs, one of the characteristics of this activity is resilience, which is evident when overcoming obstaclesget up from falls and to learn of the failures.

“We are experiencing extraordinary circumstances, and this does not mean that they are wonderful, but that this reality is rare, goes out of the order or general rule or happens rarely,” he adds. Professional Daniela de Lucía, professional and enterprising coach.

Therefore, this expert says, “in extraordinary circumstances we must do extraordinary things. There is no point in thinking about solutions with your head from a few months ago. ”

Is that at this time all people, both those who do not have economic problems like those who are very tight, they need From your home log into tools and products for train or resolve issues of job. Or, simply, to have fun, entertain or relax.

“The formula to generate extra income is to have more free time imagination and of course give it value to what is done, “recommends from lucía.

It must be taken into account that everything that is offered to market it must be valuable to the other party, and thus be able to have success in generating a extra income with a I work from home.

To work from home, a series of requirements must be respected so as not to fail along the way

Conditions to start from home

To undertake from the HouseFirst of all, a series of aspects linked to the personal organization of the job.

In this sense, Torres Carbonell emphasizes that undertake quarantined can be analyzed from two perspectives:

1) The entrepreneurs they already have their startups underway and they can continue from home.

2) Those who launch into undertake in the middle of the crisis From your home.

1-Entrepreneurs with startups

In this first group, for Torres Carbonell it’s key:

Contain to the equipment of job. Leadership in times of crisis is essential to being close to the team, being empathetic and being a guide. And, above all, take care of everyone’s income, making innovative proposals such as, to cite a possible action, lower salaries voluntarily according to what each one can face. And, of course, lead by example.

-Be close to the customers. It is never necessary to be connected with current clients and prospects. And also with those who, due to the crisis, need to stop buying or paying for services. “The companies that accompany their clients are the ones that will emerge stronger when the pandemic passes”, it states Torres Carbonell.

-Be very connected with other entrepreneurs. This is essential as there is a lot of valuable information running through that dynamic body.

Take care of the box. Today the liquidity It is central and that is why you have to be very careful with expenses and prioritize the essentials.

-Organize the work systems remote of all its people. “Not all ventures They were prepared for this new way of working, “says the expert. For this reason, she proposes to be alert, put together procedures, provide collaborators with everything they need to carry out their work (from equipment to the additional cost for data or Internet use). For that, it is essential to listen to people and correct based on experience.

-To be alert to the new opportunities that are born in this scenario, as new needs or satisfy the existing ones according to the new context of the pandemic, in which many people work from home.

-Be very collaborative, internally and externally with others entrepreneurs.

-Arming the protocols for the return to the activity taking care of the equipment and the customers.

-Take advantage of this weather to review and generate efficiencies of costs.

2-To launch an entrepreneur from home

For the second, that is, for those who launch into undertake in the middle of the crisis from home, before the consultation of iProfessional, Torres Carbonell suggests some recommendations:

Begin with Models of deal that require little capital intensive because there is going to be a period of severe shortage of money, “Although it is being seen that there are going to be interested investors, but with much lower valuations.”

-Take advantage of this weather for know thoroughly the trouble or need of potential clients.

Research and inform about the sector you want to develop.

-Take advantage of form since today there is a large offer of courses, workshops, seminars and training programs from prestigious institutions that are provided free of charge.

-Design the business model with which it is intended to develop the idea.

Get organized with the home office. For this it is recommended to establish a physical place of the House where will the work activity daily, and it is also suggested to implement yourself to meet a schedule stipulated intended for work. This means that if one day, for a certain personal matter, 6 or 8 working hours could not be performed, the objective is to recover that time or only the tasks that were destined for that day, at another time.

– Look for opportunities in the new consumption habits to be generated. There is a space for innovate and reinvent some product or service to provide.

-Incorporate in the Business models the most technology and, if possible, new technologies (AI, IoT, augmented reality, robotics, drones, among others).

-Attract good talents that they may be out of work today due to the turbulence of the situation. The contribution of two or more people adds up to ideas and chores to the mission of making effective a draft.

You can carry out different ventures from home, but before seeing what you should look at how to organize yourself to do it

You can carry out different ventures from home, but before seeing what you should look at how to organize yourself to do it

Values ​​and attitudes to undertake successfully

In summary, for start from home, beyond the organizational aspect that is required to carry it out, the attitudes and values which requires having everything entrepreneur to get to have success.

That saying, it should overturn a lot job and professionalism to achieve this, and follow a series of tips To reach the goal:

Enjoy the swings

When carrying out a micro entrepreneurship You will find good moments and others not so much. So one of the keys is to always look at the task in a positive way.

“Many speak of passionbut I prefer to talk about fun. Your business, or at least part of it, must be entertaining. Boredom is your worst enemy, “he says from lucía.

You must have enough flexibility of receiving the unexpected and being able to act accordingly with available resources.

Offer experiences

Not only travel agency and tourism Do you sell “experiences“. All the venturesWhether they offer products or services, they can make their users live an entire experience. There are plenty of examples of successful companies that have achieved this, such as Starbucks, Manzana and Coke.

For these brands, their goal is to convert a thing (product) or one transaction (service) in something that goes further, in something memorable that connects with emotions and feelings of the buyer.

-The dream of generating something

To succeed in everything entrepreneurship you must have a view clear and concrete of what it is intended to achieve, but in the proposal that is offered there must be a mission to fulfill as a company with the available resources.

“The view is aspirational, it is your final destination, it is the dream and guide to make decisions. Therefore, you must have a clear, ambitious and even a little ‘crazy’ vision that leads to that. If your vision doesn’t scare you a little, it’s because it’s not powerful enough, “recommends de Lucía.

Before earn money, the objective to be proposed should be to generate a demand of the client our products and services, and that you feel satisfied with them. In short, earning money is the consequence of doing something very well and giving a lot of value to achieve it.

Meetings can be held from home to set up the project with collaborators, possible suppliers and potential clients

From home you can hold meetings to build a project with collaborators, potential suppliers and potential clients

-Provide excellence

Your product or service must be valuable regarding what it contributes to the life of the client and which of course he recognizes as differential to buy your entrepreneurship and not the competition.

“Courage is your path to excellence and is cultivated with habit to do a little more than what your customers pay. Excellence is a standard of work that extends from the leadership to all areas of the company and it is reflected in the quality of your products, services and, above all, in the experience that person lives “, underlines from lucía.

In this aspect, care must be taken not to confuse excellence with perfection, since the latter “is the lowest standard because it simply does not exist”, it completes.

In times of crisis, the tendency is to lower the standards of job and quality for the discouragement and uncertainty generated.

“Get up half an hour early, work harder than ever and keep your work standards high. The crisis is proof of character and of leadership“ends iProfessional from Lucia.

-To surprise

To the undertake from home, not only do you have to adapt to changes to maintain a deal, but you must anticipate them. This is a consequence of the proactivity and to do a little more than the others. So the innovation is a consequence of it.

Is a virtuous chain which involves being aware of behavior and needs of your customers, the trends of market nationally and internationally, and the courage to redesign processes, products and services of your project to become leaders From the market.

In short, innovating is forcing yourself to change by focusing on the future. Today something can work and be profitable, but if you don’t change now, perhaps tomorrow is too late.

-Competition as learning

Others entrepreneurs or brands for all who have been carrying out activities similar to those we want to carry out and have a respectable track record in market, they can serve as a guide to follow and see the path they took to overcome and overcome the tests and mistakes that led them to build a solid business and profitableThese “successes” have to be taken as inspiration and not as a point of comparison, since what matters is to follow your own growth results and not those of others.

That is, you must learn from hits and failures from competitors also for undertake from home

“Your objective it is not destroying them. Your objective and competitive advantage must be a better product, a better service, a experience better, a more remarkable commitment, “adds de Lucía.

-Know how to sell

Selling is something we need to focus our energy and attention on. A business plan thrives on sales, which is to offer help, show your value to the world to make this a better world, be it clothes or managing a food bank. Shame is one of the main enemies of a entrepreneur when he wants to grow up, he closes doors before touching them. So if you do something of excellence and you have a differential, one should not be afraid to offer it to others.-

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