This will be the 2020 vintage red and white wines, according to Trivento

Germán Di Cesare, winemaker from the Mendoza winery, anticipates the profile of the wines that this vintage will leave, which he described as different and dynamic

It is in high-end wines that the terroir leaves its mark. And, as is known, the definition of terroir is the interaction of key factors such as soil, work in the vineyard and in the winery and the climate.

This set of variables end up working a kind of unique and unrepeatable footprint, which determines the profile of the wines, both those that are made to drink during the year and those that are intended for storage.

Each vintage, then, is a set of events that cannot be replicated exactly. And, in wines that seek to highlight the terroir concept, this has a decisive value.

To understand what style of wines will come with the 2020 harvest, Wines & Wineries dialogued with German Gave Cesare, winery winemaker Trivento.

-How would you rate the harvest in the main areas where Trivento has vineyards?

-I would describe this harvest as having a ‘rare’ evolution due to anticipation and dynamics due to the rapid advance of maturity. We start with high brix, slightly green tannins and high malic acid. However, with the advance of the harvest these factors were accommodating. Furthermore, both in the Uco Valley and in Luján-Maipú, the quality and health have been very good. In particular health, which is impeccable.

-How did the weather behave unlike the previous harvest?

-The weather was extremely dry. With months, from November to March, with many hot days with high minimums and maximums.

-What would you highlight of the quality achieved in the red varieties and how do you think this will impact the style of the wines?

-We have excellent colors, fruit expression, concentration and good acidity with some herbal tannin at the beginning, but already what is entering presents a very good phenolic maturity. I think reds tend to have more mature profiles with slightly higher alcohols compared to the last three or four vintages and good acidity. The style of the wines will depend on the strategy in vineyard and cellar of each company.

Germán Di Cesare, winemaker at Trivento winery

-And how did you handle the agronomic work in the vineyards?

-In our case, it is very important to maintain the style of wines that we have been making. So the decision to harvest before other years was successful. We seek to cushion the effect of the warmer areas and we anticipate building some barracks with less maturity and alcohol content. Thus we have a range of different profiles and alcohols for a more balanced mix.

-What red wines can we imagine for both young and aged wines in the case of Trivento?

-The particularity of the 2020 vintage will have an impact on great wines with higher density, structure and surely more final alcohol. This will give the wine a feeling of thickness and concentration.

-What strains would you highlight this year?

Of the reds that stands out, it is Malbec from all regions. For the other varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, we have just finished harvesting them and they have not yet fermented. We will have to wait a bit to know its evolution.

-And how did the white varieties fare?

-With regard to whites, we were able to maintain the freshness and acidity so precious in these wines, without sacrificing fruity aromas in a year that progressed warm and dry.

-What strains stood out this year?

-I think the Chardonnays are very good. Also the Sauvignon Blanc that we brought from the height of San Pablo, which is incredible. These two white varietals are the ones that would stand out.

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