This well-known wine brand changed its logo to quarantine

The Mendoza winery adapted its logo to current times and released videos on Instagram with tips to enjoy a good wine

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The coronavirus pandemic hit all levels of the economy. And the industry of came, also had to adapt to the new reality.

With restaurants, bars and hotels closed, the wineries lost an important sales channel. Added to this was the global uncertainty, which creates uncertainty for the export business. And, to compound the picture, the wineries also lost the business of selling wines to airlines for their onboard services and a very profitable unit, such as wine tourism, which will not be able to operate until further notice.

All this, of course, against a backdrop that worsens the context: almost 8 million people were left without income in Argentina and the State had to come to their aid with a special bonus, which is also not enough to reactivate consumption.

Faced with this scenario, cellars They are betting and very strong at wine ecommerce. And also, they apply all creativity in the midst of strong changes in consumption habits.

And a winery that seeks to reflect this is Flichman farm. In this sense, and with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of staying at home to take care of oneself and others, he redesigned the logo of his emblematic Caballero de la Cepa brand and renamed it, in a context of quarantine, as “Knight in the House

Finca Flichman modified the logo of its wine brand to raise awareness about the importance of staying at home

“We all had to adapt to the new social situation and make changes in our daily lives,” explains Martin Ferrara, director of Marketing & Sales at Finca Flichman.

“As a winery we have an important social responsibility to be able to cope with the current context and be close to our consumers given the place we occupy in their daily life,” adds Ferrara.

“It is our duty to impact with a positive message and action in relation to the new consumption habits, generating responsible, dynamic and conscious communication about the distancing measures during the pandemic,” he stresses.

“Staying at home, physically separated, while emotionally together is our best way to help society,” he completes.

Wines online

The Caballero de la Cepa wine brand adapted to the times of quarantine

The changes also impacted the way that wineries communicate. There is a reality in that sense: companies need to continue selling and for this, they either present new labels and new brands or move forward with the obligatory replacement of vintages. And all that needs communication. The risk for a brand –operating in whatever field it is- is always falling into insignificance. And this risk is even more potentiated in this context of a pandemic.

For this reason, in recent weeks, several wineries began to venture into online tastings aimed at specialized press, sommerliers or wine cellars, through platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or through the services offered by networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

In addition, the wineries reinforced their presence in the networks. In this direction, Finca Flichman added to its account Instagram a new section called “SommeTips“with different tips and information to enjoy a pleasant moment with a glass of wine.

Schedule: all saturdays The winery presents a new wine theme on IGTV presented by its brand ambassador, Martina Mielnikowicz, exposing different aspects related to the world of wine.

“Our intention is to generate content that responsibly brings us closer to the consumer,” concludes Ferrara.

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