this is the HOSPITAL that the army sets up in Campo de Mayo

This field hospital is made up of three units: Medical, Hospitalization and Logistics, which operate in an integrated way

The Argentine Army began to install a Relocatable Military Hospital (HMR) in the Campo de Mayo garrison to expand the attention capacity against the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“The Relocatable Military Hospital joins the entire Military Health structure that the armed forces make available to face the pandemic, and that in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires it already has the Central Military Hospital, the Naval Hospital, the Aeronautical Hospital and to Campo de Mayo Hospital, “Defense Minister Agustín Rossi told Télam.

He indicated that “this Saturday the transfer of the HMR modules to the Campo de Mayo Hospital began and this afternoon the assembly tasks could begin to have it operational as soon as possible.”

How does it work

Army spokesmen informed Télam that This field hospital is made up of three units: Medical, Hospitalization and Logistics, which operate in an integrated way, but with independent functions.

The Medical Unit has 5 modules; one of first aid that receives and classifies the patient; the other is an operating theater made up of a central container-type body that can be extended to both sides, where two independent operating rooms are equipped to carry out different types of surgeries, and the others are radiology and ultrasound, biochemical and sterilization diagnosis.

The Internment Unit is made up of four large tents interconnected with each other, with beds and the corresponding furniture and medicinal gas system, allowing the simultaneous accommodation of dozens of people.

The Logistics Unit is in charge of providing the necessary support so that the hospital can carry out its functions independently, supplying the Medical and Hospital Modules with all the services and supplies necessary to operate uninterrupted.

This has a power supply module that allows power supply of 220 and 380 Kw for 24 hours a day simultaneously to the entire HMR; and a water supply module that filters and purifies up to 3,000 liters of water every 12 hours, and also has a 7,000-liter tank and an internal distribution system for the hospital.

It also has a kitchen module that allows the preparation of up to 300 servings or daily meals; a laundry module that has a washing machine and a dryer with an operating capacity of up to 40 kilograms of laundry per process, and one of medicinal gases with an oxygen container that allows the ambient air to be taken and generates the necessary medical gases for care medical / surgical.

The Relocatable Military Hospital has the ability to provide Autonomous, comprehensive and independent emergency and surgical health support for a period of 48 hours of uninterrupted operation; and to perform up to 2 surgeries simultaneously, with the surgical equipment and complete and independent monitoring equipment for each operating room.

According to Télam, this health center can also perform the support of hospitalization of up to a maximum of 28 simultaneous patients, and can also be easily transported by land, air or sea in 13 20-foot containers.

The HMR is specially designed to execute Health support during the Force’s operational deployments, as a field surgical medical unit; provide medical facilities with a high degree of complexity to support the community and strengthen the capacities of another hospital, through its annexed facility.

Depending on the situation and operational needs, the HMR can be deployed with all its components, partially or staggered, using those components necessary for the situation, or integrating into other facilities or hospitals.

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