This is how the modular bridges work in Áncash and La Libertad Peru

The coastal El Niño phenomenon that hit the country this summer affected some 400 bridges in the Subnational Road Network, according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). Reconstruction of these structures will require an investment of approximately S / 893 million and may, in various cases, take at least a couple of years. While these tasks are organized, the Government has installed modular Bailey-type bridges so that traffic does not stop.Follow @socie_ECpe

In the Panamericana Norte, in the district of Coishco, in the Ancashina province of Santa, the MTC installed a metal structure on the Shisho river. It is capable of supporting heavy vehicles and measures 51 meters long by 7.20 wide. This bridge connects the Coishco district with the city of Chimbote. The original structure deteriorated long after the river overflowed in March.

On the other hand, the Provincial Municipality of Santa reported today that it will allocate some S / 5 million for the rehabilitation of roads and bridges that connect the city of Chimbote with other populated centers affected by the rains, overflows and huaicos of the coastal El Niño. The municipality stressed that it will require the help of the Executive to carry out larger works.

Another bridge of great importance that collapsed in March due to the disaster was the one that crossed the Virú river, in the province of the same name, in La Libertad. The MTC installed in just under a month a Bailey-type bridge to normalize transportation at kilometer 515 of the Panamericana Norte.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) reported that this work was carried out thanks to an investment of more than 8 million soles and with the work of specialized machinery.

The modular bridge measures 112 meters in length and 7.30 meters in width (road), has two lanes and a capacity to support up to 48 tons of weight, equal to the old bridge.Tweets by Sociedad_ECpe

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