This is how the MANDATORY QUARANTINE that the President announced works

The Executive advanced some of the DNU measures that seek to deepen the isolation of the population as prevention against the coronavirus

After holding a meeting of the governors in the framework of the health emergency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, President Alberto Fernández announced a mandatory quarantine at the national level.

Then, one by one, the measures ordered by the Government:

1. There is no formal obligation to go to work places, nobody can move from their residences, everyone has to stay at home.

2. Exceptions are made to members of the security forces, provincial police, firefighters, employees who work in the health system and in shops that sell food and basic necessities, including pharmacies and hardware stores.

3. Also excepted are those who work in the national, provincial and municipal governments at levels of political leadership, workers who produce food and drugs, oil workers, and refineries and journalists.

4. You can only leave the private address for the purchase of basic necessities or for medical emergencies.

5. There will be security coordination of the provincial police and the national security forces (Federal Police, Prefecture and Gendarmerie) to prevent the DNU from being violated, controlling who is circulating on the streets.

6. People who cannot explain the reason for their permanence in the streets will be subject to the sanctions provided by the Penal Code.

7. The holiday of April 2 for the Fallen in Malvinas will be advanced to Tuesday, March 31 and on Monday, March 30, it will be declared a “bridge holiday”.

8. A Federal Gabiente will be formed to deal with the problem of the pandemic and issues related to the economy.

9. Rules will be issued to alleviate the situation of the monotributistas and the informal sector.

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