They make agricultural machinery and now design sanitary equipment

Before quarantine and compulsory asylum were declared, Industrias Montecor – an agricultural machinery factory located in Monte Buey, assures that they have already been working to prevent the pandemic.

In this process of reformulating some areas of work in the company, the brainstorming of how to help the community of almost seven thousand people who inhabit the town of the Marcos Juárez department emerged.

“Thus, with the people from the Engineering area of ​​the company the idea of ​​designing and producing screens and campaign cots came out,” said Gastón Borgiani, manager of Development and Production of the factory, and member of the family that owns the company.

The outline and project was carried out supervised by doctors from the local crisis committee. Once the designs were approved, they contacted the local loneros, who joined the solidarity initiative.

Production and diffusion

The project began to materialize with the manufacture of 20 screens and 20 stretchers at the industrial plant for a possible field hospital in Monte Buey.

But the idea was that the action multiplied not only in the region but in other parts of the country, for which the company decided to share all the technical documentation through an “online” platform.

In this way, the #Vospodesayudar program was born, which has its own solidarity broadcast website.

“The idea is that the experience remains as a solidary action and corporate social responsibility. Today we upload all the plans that have to do with sanitary equipment on the web microsite, but other developments will be incorporated in the future,” said Borgiani.

The goal is that the sanitary elements can be produced by anyone. It is a way of contributing with solutions to possible saturations in the health system, they maintain from the companies.

“There are many enthusiasts who are already participating in this collaboration network,” said Borgiani, who also noted that other agricultural machinery companies in the area have committed to making more implements, based on the development of Montecor.


With more than 40 products of its own manufacture, the SME has a long history in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, especially in the production of hoppers, mowers, round balers and mixers.

With a staff of 100 workers, this year it began to work on a process of cultural transformation called “Montecor 360”, focused on new ways of relating to employees and clients.

Today, the company continues to research and evaluate possibilities for new developments. He is already preparing plans for sanitizing booths, portable sinks, trays to disinfect footwear and office screens.

“We are not going to incorporate the manufacture of sanitary equipment, but what we are going to maintain is the platform to continue generating ideas for the community,” said Borgiani.

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