They fined a super that charged 15% surcharge if the purchases were with the Alimentar card

Agents from the Municipality of La Plata fined a supermarket in the town of Los Hornos, which charged a 15% surcharge to users of the Food Card issued by the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation to the most vulnerable sectors.

It is a business located on 66th and 165th streets that did not comply with the Credit Card Law and with the rules for the use of the AlimentAR card, asking for extra money from those who paid with that plastic.

The inspection tasks began after the complaint from a neighbor, after which the Platense Collection Agency (APR) carried out a surprise operation locally.

There, the inspectors displayed two signs: one posted on the entrance door of the store that said “Mr. Client: the use of the food card is suspended to keep prices low until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience”, while on the second it could be read “Minimum purchase of $ 1,000 with food card with a 15% surcharge”.

The Credit Card Law establishes that “the supplier is obliged to accept credit cards that comply with the provisions of this law” and prohibits “making price differences between cash and card operations.”

“We intervened given that the business in question was swindling users of the AlimentAR card, in breach of a government measure that seeks to help those who have the least,” they explained from the commune.

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