They expel 270 TOURISTS for not fulfilling the QUARANTINE

In addition, medical transfers of foreigners to Ezeiza airport began. Checks were carried out by SAME personnel

The Government of Argentina expelled this Sunday 270 foreign tourists who had refused to comply with the mandatory quarantine decreed by the health authorities because of the coronavirus, whose registered cases amount to 56 nationwide.

The Police, as well as the Migration Directorate, carried out an operation to deport 90 tourists staying at the Sheraton hotel in Buenos Aires, who decided to return to their countries of
origin before fulfilling the quarantine decreed by the Argentine Government. Clarín reported that some of these tourists had entered the country in the last two weeks and had been circulating freely on the streets, ignoring the recommendations of the Government and health authorities.

As for the other tourists, the Argentine authorities had to repatriate 180 people who, after disembarking at Ezeiza International Airport, province of Buenos Aires, refused to comply with the quarantine, for which reason they had to return to their countries of origin on the same flight on which they had arrived.

On the other hand, the first medical transfers of foreigners to the Ezeiza airport also began to “accompany and preserve the isolation and care of people” who were undergoing quarantine in Argentina.

This was indicated to NA by sources from the Ministry of Security, who specified that “the first transfer was of 18 people who were in a hotel”, but they clarified that “there are more operations” carried out by “Prefectura and the Argentine Federal Police (PFA)”.

“As DNU 260-2020 has provided, the PFA was in charge of guaranteeing that there was no physical contact between the people who were to return today to their countries of origin and the rest of the population,” the Ministry of Security said in a statement. . Before being taken to the airport, the group underwent a medical check-up by SAME professionals.

In addition, he specified that “the operation had the participation of the National Directorate of Migrations, an agency under the Ministry of the Interior (commanded by Eduardo” Wado “De Pedro) and guarantor of the processing of the correct return of these people.”

“The medical transfer to the plane arranged to leave the country was made from the hotels where these people complied with the standards of care decreed by the national government last Thursday.”, said the Ministry.

Likewise, according to Télam, at the Ezeiza airport there were passengers who arrived in the country aboard several of the flights and who were sent to their respective countries in accordance with resolution 567-20 of the National Government, which prohibits entry into the territory National of non-resident foreigners who have transited “risk zones” by coronavirus in the last 14 days.

The application of the measure affected six people who arrived between 4 and 10, according to airport sources, They had been warned of the rule that began to apply on Saturday but they still addressed the flights to our country.

The resolution covers “all those foreigners who do not reside in the Argentine Republic and who have visited, transited or remained in the United States; South Korea; Japan; Iran; China and Europe.”

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