They denounce layoffs in Bimbo and that the firm privileges croissants over health

Employees of the San Fernando plant decided to proceed with an indefinite strike. They ensure that the firm only produces for export

“The company fills its mouth saying that they are doing a service to society. All lies, they are taking advantage of the health emergency to make more money than ever at the expense of workers, without guaranteeing the safety and hygiene conditions that the current situation demands. “

Thus begins the statement released at this time by the internal commission of the multinational workers Bimbo in San Fernando. The firm, which has an indisputable predominance in the production of baked goods in Argentina –more than 80 percent of the market in lactal bread, for example– and maintains a commercial presence in 32 other countries, they continue their operations beyond the coronavirus quarantine given their role as a food processor.

In the face of what their employees define as “a total disregard” for the health security of the staff, in the middle of this week the operators voted after the meeting of the internal commissions and decided to advance with an indeterminate strike that began to make itself felt on Thursday .

Union sources explained that the decision became indisputable after learning that the bulk of the products that continue to be developed in San Fernando are destined for export.

“Why are they campaigning so much that we have to stay at home while the workers have to abandon ours to produce croissants and frozen invoices? “, he asks in a text that circulates among the plant operators.

“… the thousands of workers that we are circulating to produce unnecessary things are putting at risk not only our lives and those of our families, but also those of our neighborhoods, weakening the general quarantine just because of the greed of the businessmen. The national government has to establish, urgently and clearly, which are the essential products, “adds the statement to which he agreed iProfessional.

“This is not a union claim for a weight more or a weight less as it happens in normal situations. Of course we demand that the company pay full wages. But, mainly, we are defending our lives and that of our families and neighbors” , clarifies.

Sources close to the operators in Bimbo denounced, in addition, that the company will advance with personnel cuts once the current March ends. As indicated to iProfessional, in a first instance the signature will leave a group of 10 people unemployed.

Bimbo is a giant with global reach and in 2019 alone it billed over 12,000 million dollars. Apart from this, the company ended the year with more than 4,600 people fired worldwide.

Almost half of Bimbo’s global sales are concentrated in the United States and Canada. Today, the company is the second largest bakery in the Chinese market. The firm landed in Argentina in 2011 after sealing the purchase of the bread distributor Alimentos Fargo.

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