they create a mask that allows eating and drinking

The protector was made by Italian designers. Now as a prototype, already in production they estimate that it could be manufactured for less than a euro

The quarantines by pandemic of the coronavirus are starting to relax in many countries, but people, and businesses, have to get used to a new lifestyle: social distancing, chinstraps or face masks and, why not, full face shields.

That’s the idea of ​​a group of italian designers they created a system inflatable, with 180 degree coverage, to be used or distributed in pubs and restaurants to be able to eat and drink using protection.

The helmet / mask, baptized Soffio (puff in Italian) was created together by MARGstudio, Alessio Casciano Design and Angeletti Ruzza. It has a style similar to the plastic masks that are being used in many countries, above the chinstrap, but the protection is 180 °: it covers the entire front part of the head to create a “protected personal space”, they explained.

They create an inflatable face shield that would allow eating and drinking in bars and restaurants, and even in your home with guests

The interesting thing about the proposal is that they hope it can be manufactured for less than a euro, something ideal for anyone to buy or even for gastronomic venues distribute them at the entrance so that people can consume again.

“The Soffio allows us to continue carrying out the actions of drinking and eating exactly as we did before, but safely,” said Annalisa Grasselli, of MARGstudio, stressing that the protector “does not change our ways of experiencing social life in restaurants or bars” , indicated TN Tecno.

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