They ate on the road, they spent $16,000 and a detail on the ticket made them angry

On social networks, as on other occasions, these friends decided to expose what happened in a restaurant after they were given the ticket and They will be surprised with the amount of the account.

Two teachers from La Plata reported what happened at a grill in Córdoba, located on Route 38, precisely in the town of Huerta Grande. There, Nora and Graciela spent more than $16 thousand for a lunch that did not include alcohol or dessert.

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The sequence took place on Monday at noon during a stop that the women made before arriving at Villa Giardino. although both They acknowledged having made the mistake of not checking the prices before ordering the dishes.They also did not expect to find that amount at the time of payment.

“We always go to Córdoba. We go to La Granja, to Agua de Oro to Salsipuedes… But this year we decided to go to Villa Giardino. We wanted to eat kid before going back and, although other places had been recommended to us, this one seemed good to us because it was on the way and there were people who called to enter with a cloth ”, Nora explained to The Estafeta Online.

The receipt that the women received after lunch (Photo: Courtesy of La Estafeta Online).

What the teachers did not know is that, because they did not have cash, the final amount would be increased by a 10% surcharge under the argument of paying with a debit card.

In detail, both ordered a portion of kid for two ($9,800), a flavored water ($1,640), a mixed salad ($1,430), a portion of fries ($1,430) and an empanada ($380). The sum gave $14,680, although with the 10% mentioned it amounted to $16,190.

Both explained that they did not receive any invoice for the consumption, and that when demanding the ticket they corresponded They only managed to deliver a voucher without tax value and written by hand.

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“We did not have enough cash. My friend gave her the debit card with the document, and when they came back, they had already swiped the card. They told us that they had charged us a 10% surcharge, without telling us beforehand. If they had, I would take the car and go to the ATM to get money. I think it was an abuse,” remarked the tourist.

Then he continued: “Villa Giardino is very beautiful and I will surely return. but obviously I’m not going back to that grill”.

And he completed: “The truth is that we trusted ourselves by not asking the prices before and that was surely a mistake. We did not ask because days before we had had lunch at a barbecue in the Villa Giardino spa and The truth is that the price and quality were very good. But in this case they did not extend the letter to us when we arrived either ”.

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