They arrested Customs employees who collected plans from Anses and distributed them in Paraguay

The Paraguayan Police detained a Customs official and a transport agent when they entered the country through the border bridge of the missionary city of Posadas with $ 500 thousand, that would correspond to Paraguayan citizens with dual nationality who receive social benefits from Anses in Argentina.

Authorities of the Police of the neighboring country and Argentine customs sources assured that the arrests were on Wednesday night when the two Argentine citizens were at the Paraguayan head of the San Roque González de Santa Cruz international bridge, border with Posadas.

Alcides Añasco, Head of the Directorate against economic punishable acts of the National Police in Encarnación, confirmed to the local media Itapúa News that in the operation they seized approximately 500,000 pesos that were divided into small bundles that contained certain sums of money, with debit cards and a name.

The silver was in the storage of the motorcycle in which the two men, identified as Leandro Andrés Rodríguez and Luis Alberto Romano.

Authorities believe that men were hired by people in Paraguay so that they could collect the money from their pensions and retirements in Argentina and later deliver them to them in that country. For the operation they stayed with “A commission”.

“Although they have not yet made a statement, the Public Ministry presumes that these people collected the contribution of Argentines living in our country and they took advantage of the permission to circulate that they had to work in Customs “, advanced in dialogue with TN Central Angelina Arriola, the Paraguayan prosecutor in charge of the case.

Arriola said that the total sum of money that the Police declared in the official part does not correspond to the information they handle. “It is news in development and we are going to review it again,” he said.

The money was divided into small stacks accompanied by debit cards and a name. (Photo: TN capture)
The money was divided into small stacks accompanied by debit cards and a name. (Photo: TN capture)

“Each bundle of money contains the debit card and the operating sheet: one point would be the balance that the card has, the second the amount withdrawn for the holder and the third, the commission that the person receives, “explained the prosecutor.

As Añasco pointed out, this practice does not represent any punishable act because the amount seized does not exceed the minimum required $ 10,000.

Customs will be presented in the next few hours in the Posadas prosecutor’s office for those involved to be judicially investigated.

By Arriola’s order, the detainees were released and the sealed money was sent to the Prosecutor’s deposit as evidence.

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