They arrested a woman and three men for violating the quarantine: they filmed sex scenes in front of a monument

A woman and three men were detained after filming sex scenes in front of a monolith located in a public space in the town of Pampa de los Guanacos, in Santiago del Estero, in clear violation of the mandatory quarantine.

The images were viralized and reached the Justice, so the woman, belonging to a gypsy community, and the three young people ended up detained.

According to information released by the newspaper The Liberal, the video was filmed last Wednesday at the Mercorsur Monument, located on the Pampa de los Guanacos access lot, in the department of Copo.

The four young people gathered in that public space, where the flags of the countries that make up the block are located, and after sharing alcoholic beverages, one of the young men started having sex with the girl, while the other two filmed.

The scene, which included oral sex and the woman’s nudity, which would have been expelled before the episode by the local gypsy community, was uploaded to social networks and quickly went viral.

Upon reaching the prosecutor Gabriel Gomez, decided to accuse them for obscene displays and for violating quarantine and national isolation, “while he ordered the police to arrest those involved.

Written by Argentina News

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