They arrested a man accused of being the material author of the murder of the Carlovich Trinche

The police of the province of Santa Fe arrested in the last hours a man accused of being the material author of the murder of the former footballer Tomás Trinche Carlovich who in the middle of this week was the victim of a violent attack to blows while riding his bicycle in a suburb of Rosario.

The suspect was arrested in one located on Bordabehere street, which was raided at the request of the prosecutor of the Doloso Homicide Unit on duty, Georgina Pairola, after the survey of security cameras in the area, although other sources say that the operation came after a call to 911 that betrayed the accused.

On the spot, members of the Criminal Investigation Agency garments with similar characteristics to those observed in the film records were seized. But there was Carlovich’s bicycle.

Yet the identity of the detainee is not clear. On the one hand, high sources consulted by Infobae they assure that it is Ángel M., about 30 years old. But other sources deny it and maintain that the arrested is Juan M., 32 years old.

The accused, meanwhile, was transferred to a police station where he remains in solitary confinement. The imputative hearing of the detainee “is scheduled for next Sunday and he will be charged with the classification of homicide on the occasion of robbery,” they told Infobae from the Public Prosecution Office.

The attack on Carlovich occurred last Wednesday, around 6:00 p.m., in the vicinity of Paraná and Eva Perón streets. The former River and Arsenal player from Sarandí, Juan Carlos Tate Lescano, It was one of the first to arrive at the scene minutes after the violent episode.

It was a robbery. A young girl and an older man saw the fact. They said it was a young boy, a teenager. He hit him in the face and knocked him down. When he knocked him down, he hit his head on the floor. When I got to the place, I recognized that it was him, I got out of the car and started calling him: Trinche, Trinche … But he was unconscious all the time until they took him to the hospital, ”he explained in an interview with Infobae.

And he detailed about the aggressor: “He was a young kid. The Trinche is a man of tall stature, he must be almost 1.90. He hit a pineapple, it was not with a stick. With the blow he fell half fainted and hit the floor, the hit knocked him out. When I arrived he was open-eyed, but unconscious. Totally gone. So far they have not identified the thief, but there are security cameras on the avenue. I already told the family that when they make the complaint, look at the cameras, there has to be a face there. ”

As a result of the attacks, the former player was transferred to the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital with a “Skull fissure” which caused a large bruise. He must have been induced into a coma through medication. In the early hours of today his condition worsened and he had to undergo emergency surgery, “A salvage measure that unfortunately was not tolerated”, reported from HECA after detailing that he died around 9.30.

The death changed the course of the investigation: the case went from the Flagrancy Unit to the Intentional Homicide Unit in the city of Santa Fe. Beyond the transfer, both units are in contact to exchange information, a communication that had begun before the death of the Trinche.

In the next few hours, a rigorous autopsy will be carried out on the body, which will then be handed over to his family so that it can be watched.

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