“They are sending people to die”: serious complaint from a PAMI doctor in Rosario

A doctor who works at the PAMI II Polyclinic in rosary beads, recorded a video denouncing the poor conditions in which the health professionals who serve there work. “They are sending people to die”, said.

It’s about the doctor Daniel Raúl Mettifogo who gives his document number and registration. In the video, he shows the room where the doctors on duty rest: bunk beds close to each other, a very small bathroom and the non-professional chinstrap.

This is not the Coronda prison. This is the place where the doctors on duty sleep “Mettifogo said, panning around the room where a blanket is seen to cover one of the windows.

“These are the chinstraps, believe me, this is not a mosquito net, it is the chinstrap they give us in the institution. The worst thing about this is that the person who delivers them is a colleague, it is bothering me to say the word ‘colleague’ who delivers this knowing what it will generate in the person who receives it. I am tired that they speak of Public Health as if we were nothing, “he explained.

In addition, he confirmed that there are positive cases of COVID-19 in the institution: “This bug has already entered, we already have a colleague who is in that situation. “

And he warned: “When you wonder why there are so many nurses, maids, doctors and health workers in these conditions, it is because the materials are not delivered.”

As reported by the newspaper Our Rosary, the situation of the doctors of the place are precarious and do not work in the conditions that they should face the current context of coronavirus. “There are no robes and there are no corresponding chinstraps,” they said. And they added that most of the elements are “buying with the silver from our pocket to protect us.”

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